Wife Punching Time: Time?

Chapter 7 of DBZ: Lost for Time?

Thebigbulldog13 by Thebigbulldog13

Goku’s girlfriend ‘Mikasa Ackerwoman’ turned into the Iceberg titan and froze me in time? And I broke out of the ice and punched my girlfriend in the face and killed her dead.

My chest hurt, and heart sank in my chest and my heart was racing and ready to burst and.

I lost another person in my life? To time.

It was time now to enter the portal and I ignored the other Gokus who were trying to trick me into getting lost in time morer.

I entered the portal and the room was black. I was scared actually. A faint figure appeared in the background. He walked closer. It was Vegeta?

I put on my Vegeta mask and I said.

“Vegeta? There are two of us and I’m confuseded.”

Vegeta wanted to kick my a** for bullying him in highschool and because I was mean and insulted how he looks and I made a mask to try to tease him and I did it and he didn’t have a clue until this point in time.

Mikasa Ackerwoman appeared and sliced Vegeta in half with her sword. Mikasa was Vegeta’s wife, and Goku’s girlfriend. The plot thickened.

Bulma appeared and dropped dead because she still had Eb and Ola taking over her body and killing her with bad cancer.

Goku finally figured it out. They were never lost for time, they were only experiencing the beginning of time. The portal opened up and everyone lived happily ever after except for Bulma who died from cancer XD

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