Will Come You Call My Name? 15

Chapter 15 of Will You Call My Name? {BoyxBoy} MOVING

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At first, I was slightly startled and pleasantly surprised that Chance kissed me in front of his friends. Like I thought he didn’t want to come out of the closet, but here he was, wrapping his fingers in my hair, pressing his body to mine, moving his lips against mine. It took only a couple seconds though to react back to him.

“Are you sure about this?” I asked him as we were about to walk inside the building. He tucked himself under my arm, against my ribs, and wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Yeah,” He sighed and nodded. “I was scared before, but now there’s no stopping it.” He seemed scared still. I smiled and leaned down, kissing him again.

“Just relax and ignore everyone who gives you crap.” We walked inside, wrapped around each other, getting stares and whispers from every person with eyes in the building.

“Oh my god what? Why is Chance hanging out with him?” Some said. “Is he gay now or something?” Someone else whispered. When it got too much for him to handle, he just broke.

“Yes okay? I am gay. Get over it!” His face was red like a tomato as he snapped at people.

“Chance, calm down.” I whispered to him. I kissed his temple gently.

“No, this stops now.” He said back. Chance turned to me and pushed me against the lockers, slamming his mouth onto mine. I was shocked. Over the weekend, I had noticed he was a small, soft spoken guy who was terrified of his own shadow. But here he was, kissing me against the lockers in front of the whole school, inevitably ruining his popularity.

I shut my eyes, letting myself enjoy the kiss. I’ve liked Chance since we were freshman and he found me nearly dead in the orphanage. I wouldn’t be alive right now if it weren’t for him.

There was a loud cough from behind Chance, and we broke the kiss looking at who it was. It was his father, and every person was watching like hawks.

“Dad!” Chance squeaked jumping. “What are you doing here?” He shrunk up against my chest.

“I came to drop your sister off, and when I do, I see my only son making out with…. a homosexual!” He growled. Instinctively, my arms went around Chance’s waist and one around his shoulders, holding him tight.

“Mr. Evergrey,” I offered a light hearted smile. “It’s lovely to see you again.” I extended a hand. “You may not remember me, but I’m Tyler Stone.” He yanked Chance by his arm, pulling him away from me.

“Tyler!” Chance gasped before being hurried down the hallway. All the on lookers jaws were dropped in astonishment. Shrugging off the looks, I hurried after them.

I found Mr. Evergrey and Chance in the parking lot shouting at each other. I ducked below cars, hurrying over like a ninja.

“Dad please! I-I love him!” Chance screamed. I could hear the thickness of tears in his voice as he held them back. He was never one to cry.

“No child of mine will be a homosexual!” His father boomed. And then, the worst sound I thought I could ever hear. The slap of a leather on skin, and a bloodcurdling scream. I cringed away from the sound, but looked back. Chance was clutching his face, his father had a leather belt in hand. Chance was sobbing now.

I stared over in horror. Blood was dripping from Chance’s face onto the pavement where the belt split his skin. Chance, my boyfriend, the man I thought was indestructible was crying, and looked defeated. I realized he was going to get into the car with that abuser if I didn’t do something.

I got up from my hiding spot and ran over as his dad lifted his arm to swing the painful and blood stained leather again. This time, I pushed Chance away, letting the belt hit me instead. It wrapped around my arm, and thankful for my strength, I yanked it from that horrible mans grasp. I turned it and flicked my arm, making it hit him right between the eyes. As he was on the ground wailing, I bent down over him.

“You hurt him again, and I see it, I. Will. Kill. You.” I whispered to him. I spit on the man, and then pulled Chance to his feet gently, pulling him behind me. A small crowd had gathered outside, watching us. I was not in the mood right now to deal with anyone’s bull crap. “Move,” I hissed. People parted ways as I half carried, half dragged Chance inside to the nearest bathroom.

“You didn’t have to do that,” He muttered, looking away as I dabbed at his face with a wet paper towel. It’s funny how motherly I become towards him. Like he’s a child that I always have to worry about.

“I know. I did it because I care for you,” I told him simply before leaning up to kiss him. “You saved me once. Now I did the same for you.”
So we got some daddy action. What do you guys think?

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