Will you be my girlfriend?

Chapter 21 of Abuse (Finished)

tianasomindless by tianasomindless

NeNe’sPov: I woke up to Daya singin “Something To Dance For” I got the bed and put on the clothes Daya had for me out I went to her and Ray’s room
Me: Girl you is loud!
Daya: : ) I know,oh Prince called
Me: Ugh..what did he want?
Daya: For you two to go to dinner..
Me: Watchu say?
Daya: No she don’t wanna go to dinner with a playa!
Me: Thnx
Daya: No problem..so..you thinkin about Prod?
Should I go with Prod? He’s a gentle,he doesn’t cheat,he doesn’t rape,or abuse….
Me: Yeah I’m thinkin about going out with him BUT I want him to make the first move…
Daya: Awww I got ya girl
Me: Daya don’t do nothing crazy
Daya: I wont giggles
Me: Your creepy,I’m going downstairs to eat french toast..
Daya: Oh-kay!
I walk downstairs and make french toast and start eating til the doorbell rings I wonder who it could be I stop eating and go answer it and it’s Prod
Me: Oh hey!
Prod: Hey…can I talk to you?
Me: Sure
Prod: I like you alot Amone..I don’t and will ever hurt you…will you be my girlfriend?
Me: Of course Prod! kisses him
Prod:kisses back
Me:smiles I like you too.. laughs
Prod: You all late
Me: I know!
Daya: comes downstairs So..whats going on down here?
Prod&Me: Were a couple!
Ray: Awww look at em!
Prod: Ray you gay!
Ray:-_- **** you!
Me: Sorry my baby doesn’t go that way
Daya: Neither does mine
Someone knocked on the door
Daya: I’ll get it
Prince walked in
Prince: Hey babe!
Me: Prince I have a boyfriend now and I’m going to be moving out of your house
Prince: Who is he??!!
Prod: Me
Prince: You choose this fxckin rat over me?!?!?
Ray: Uh-oh it’s about to get real!
Daya: Boy shut up
Ray: Can’t say shxt..
Me: Uh Prince it doesn’t matter how he looks…
Prince: Whatever…leaves
Me: Well then
I looked at the time 8PM what the hell?!?!
Prod: Wanna go to the movie’s ?!?!
We went and saw Hunger Game’s and when we got back it was 10PM I took and show and Prod did also and we went to sleep
I know it was boring…. I’m running out of idea’s …New relationship though?!?!

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