With Or Without You I’ll Be Alright

Chapter 34 of I’m Coming Home (Finished)

_MarilynMonroe_ by _MarilynMonroe_

POV: Alana
Setting: At Home
Time: 6:50 a.m.
I was sleeping until I felt movement. I opened my eyes seeing Trey get up stretching and walking towards the bathroom. His plane leaves around 12 so I just went back to sleep
Two Hours Later
I was still sleeping until I felt soft kisses. I opened my eyes seeing Trey smiling at me. I smiled a little until he smacked my bare butt.
“Get up besides in two hours we gotta go” he said
“Alright” I said
I lifted myself up pressing the covers to my chest seeing the sun shining but it was raining. Weird. I shrugged it off wrapping the sheets around me, walking in the bathroom taking a long shower. I got out wrapping a towel around me, walked out going into my closet putting on this

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Untitled: 426 by msmindless-princewifey featuring belle noel by kim kardashian Leaving Off To Afghanistan

Leaving Off To Afghanistan by msmindless-princewifey featuring an army camo jacket

I slid my hat on seeing Trey walk in. He was already in his military clothes.
“Well look at you” he said, smiling
“See I’m like my husband” I said
“My baby and my army wife” he said, walking towards me
“Yeah I know” I said
Trey walked towards me giving me a passionate kiss. I wrapped my arms around his neck feeling his hands gripped my butt. I smiled through the kiss. I pulled from him hugging him tight.
“I’m gonna miss you” I said
“I know” he said
“Okay well before we go, we gotta go get our baby girl” I said
“Alright” he said

I unwrapped my arms from Trey, getting my phone until my butt got slapped. I back kick Trey on his leg hearing him groan in a little bit pain. I walked downstairs grabbing the truck keys until Trey took them from me. We left out the house, getting in and he drove off to my mom’s house. We got there seeing my mom sitting on the front porch while holding Cookie. We got out, walking up the steps and she was reading a book.

“Hey momma” I said
“Hey baby” she said
“How was Cookie” I said, picking her up
“She was a angel slept so long that I got my rest” she said
“Hey momma” Trey said
“Hey my fine son in law” she said, hugging him
“Was she good” he asked
“Yes she was good” she said
“Hey baby” I said
“Ah” she said
“Always ah” Trey said, caressing her cheek
“Ah” she said, looking at Trey
“When you leaving Trey” my mom asked
“Umm in about thirty minutes” he said, looking at his watch
“How long is the ride to the airport” she asked
“Umm about 20 minutes so we gotta get going” I said
“Aww I’m going to miss you my baby” my mom said

She stood up giving all of us a hug. I took Cookie’s diaper bag and we left. We arrived at the airport, got out and walked right inside. I was holding Cookie while she was sleeping on my shoulder.

“Flight 15 is now boarding” the announcer said
Trey looked at me and pulled me into a hug. I felt my eyes burning because I was crying a little. We pulled from each other.
“Look I’m going to be fine alright” he said
“I know” I said
“I love you Alana” he said
“I love you too baby” I said
“I love you Cookie” he whispered, planting a kiss on Cookie’s cheek
I looked at her then him until he crashed his lips on to mine. I wrapped my free arm around his neck pulling him more into the kiss.
“Last call for Flight 15” the announcer said
I was still kissing Trey until he pulled from me.
“Baby I love you” he said
I wiped my tears away.
“I love you too” I said
“Alright love you…bye” he said

He kissed me passionately one more time and ran to flight 15. I turned around seeing him turned around waving bye. I waved by to him seeing Cookie wake up. I looked down at her seeing her look around. I looked back up seeing Trey walked over pulling us into a hug. I hugged him tight; he kissed Cookie’s forehead then my lips and ran full speed. I looked on as he went inside. I smiled a little walking out the building and leaving.
POV Ended


@Why_You_Gotta_Hate I like your idea but I already had this story planned out especially the ending. I like your idea its just that how its gonna end it going to stay like that

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