YN + ? = LOVE ?!

Chapter 22 of A little to late (roc royal love story starring you)

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So it’s been 2 months since roc got in jail and I have a new boyfriend and I know it’s only been 2 months but seriously c’mon I liked ?? Since I first saw him I mean c’mon like the kids already love him and he’s really sweet so today was the day that I had to go to the jail and let the kids see roc So this morning I got out of the bed and did my hygiene stuff and woke up the kids and we got dressed and and left the house .

Brandon : mom after this can we go to ??? House ?

YN: yeah we will see it depends baby
Brandon: okay :)

So when we arrived at the jail the guards checked us and let us go inside and when we got there Mia and and Brandon ran into rocs arms and hugged him so tight it was Adorable

Roc : hey YN how you been

YN : fine what about you

Roc : did you really just ask me that I mean look where I’m at

YN : mumbles well who’s fault is that ?!

Roc : did you want to say something ?

YN : ohh … Nothing

Roc : so how’s my princess doing ?!

Mia : good

Roc: what have you been doing baby ?

Mia : nothing hanging with mommy , mamaw and my brother and ???

Roc : wait who ?!

Ohh shiitt !

Brandon : you know ??? Mommy’s boyfriend

Roc : WTF YN !

YN : calm down and don’t curse in front of them I mean roc I’m grown I can do whatever TF I want !

Roc : slaps you no TF you can’t and not around my damnnn kids so when I get out of here your asss better not be with him

YN : Whatever we will see about that cries and walks out

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