Your Little Girlfriend …

Chapter 16 of Sexy Brown Eyes Covered By A Pair Of Shades <3

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( No One’s P.O.V )

Tay: **** , Its Lil Twist ! ?

Twist: Where ? Hahaa J/K What Sup Ma ?

Tay: (: Nothing Much , Are You Going On Tour With The Boys ?

Twist: Yeah , I Hope Your Going Too , Right ?

Tay: Yep !

Twist: I Know A Beautiful Girl Like You Can’t Be Single So Which One You With ?

Tay: The One With The Mohawk .

Twist: Oh Snap Lil Mama , We Dating ?

Tay: Funny , But No The One With The BLONDE Mohawk .

Twist: Ahaa I Know , So Whats Ya Name ?

Tay: Taylor .

Twist: Nice To Meet You Taylor They Hug

Craig: Cough , Cough

Tay: Uhm Yeah , This Is My Mohawk , Craig Or Prodigy (:

Twist: Whats Up Man

Craig: Sup

The Boys Hanshake And The Girls Intrduce Themselves .

- After Everyone Is Unpacked And Sitting Around , Twist Is In His Room Sleep .

Tay: Well I Better Be Getting Ready For My Date (:

Craig: Yeah You Better :P

Tay: Boy Please , I Could Sit Back Down .

Craig: Well Thats No Date In NY For You …

Tay: Gaaaaaah Okay ! Gosh You Lucky I Love You .

Craig: (: Now Getting To Moving Gentle Smacks Her Butt

Tay: :P

( Taylor’s P.O.V )

I Went To Me & Craig’s Room And Got Out The Outfit The Girls Helped Me With . It Was Red And Very Fit , I Knew He Was Gonna Like It Because It Was Red And It Was On Me (: I Got Dressed And Curled My Hair , I Even Put Some Red In My Hair To Make The Outfit Pop . I Put On My Red Heels And Walked Out , And All Eyes Were On Me .

Craig: Wow Babe , I Am Speechless …

Me: Why Thank You (: And Thank You Sisters ! I Hug All Of Them

Brooke: Little Tight , Huh ?

Me: Diggy Get Your Girl !

I Looked At Him , And See Him Just Staring At Me . I Snap My Fingers In Front Of His Face .

( Diggy’s P.O.V )

Man She Looks So Good ! I Wish I Could Get Her Back But I Guess She Is Happy With Ole Boy . I Really Messed Up With Her , She Loved Me And I Loved Her Too ! I Miss They Way She Would Look At Me With Her Beautiful Hazel Eyes , They Way She Wo- Snap , Snap

Me: Huh ?

Tay: Wow

Me: What Happened ?

Tay: Your Little Girlfriend Is What Happened !

Me: Can You Two Just Get Along ?

Tay: I Did’nt Have A Problem With Her , She Has A Problem With Me !

Brooke: Yeah Because You Been Trying To Steal My Man !

Tay: First Of All I Don’t Want Him , He Wants Me And Second Of All Evelyn Lozada Voice Boo Boo I Got A Man !

Craig: She Called Me A Man ((:

Tay: Babe , No Not The Time .

Twist: Coming Out His Room AYE AYE Whats All Th- Woah Taylor , Where Do You Think Your Going ?

Tay: Out , Is That Okay With You Father ?

Twist: I Guess But Be Back Around 9 , 9:30 .

Tay: Ugh Okay (:

Craig: Coughs

Tay: Ready ?

Craig: Yeah .

Tay: Okay Bye Yall

She Gave Everyone A Hug But Brooke . She Even Gave Me A Hug , I Then Whispered In Her Ear .

Me: Tay , Look I Am Really Sorry And I Still Love You With All My Heart .

Tay: I Know , I Love You Too .

She Kisses Me Softly On The Cheek And Then Turns Around And Grabs Craig’s Hand And Left Out .

Soooooooo How Is It ? Should I Keep Going ? Should I Repost My Story Taylinn Alyse Johnson ? If I Do , Who Wants To Be In It ?

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