A Jason McCann Love Story. :)
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A Jason McCann Love Story. :)

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Hey! I’m Allison Felicity Parks. I’m 17, and have been arrested 2 times, for theft. I’m an only child, and my dad passed away when I was 10. My mom left me at 13 with my aunt and moved to Georgia.
This is me: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/thing?id=13228271
I’m kind of a hippie… But I’m also punky.
My birthday is February 17. And this is my story on how I fell in love with Jason. Jason McCann.

Created almost 6 years ago • Updated almost 6 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Hot? Nah, I’m badass.

    | Read 1125 times

  2. Chapter 2: Characters Needed!!!!!!!!!

    | Read 773 times

  3. Chapter 3: The New Characters! (If you still want to be in my story just comment!)

    | Read 718 times

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