A Little Love Story (A Finn Harries Love Story)
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A Little Love Story (A Finn Harries Love Story)

873bb40e-d18c-4343-bcb8-48d6dd9b496b?size=thumbby Ashley_Harries | Read 2259 times |

The twin brother of the famous YouTuber Jack Harries, starts his own channel called finnyharries. His rivalry with his brothers channel, jacksgap, starts a huge YouTube war.

Aubrey finds this finnyharries guy, and finds out he lives in her area. She subscribes on his YouTube and personal messages him. When he personal messages back, again, again, again, again and AGAIN something sparks inside both of them.

What will happen when Jack finds the girl, and something sparks inside?

Will Finn get protective over Aubrey? Or will he let his famous brother get the best of him?


Rosie Day as Aubrey Summers

Finn Harries as himself

Jack Harries as himself

Lucy Hale as Alice Rivers

Acacia Clark as Misty Gabriele

Joey Graceffa as Joey Halls

Chris Colins as Mark Light
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Created almost 4 years ago • Updated almost 3 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: 1

    | Read 355 times

  2. Chapter 2: 2

    | Read 398 times

  3. Chapter 3: 3

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  4. Chapter 4: 4

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  5. Chapter 5: 5

    | Read 416 times

  6. Chapter 6: 6

    | Read 260 times

  7. Chapter 7: 7

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