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9f3a99ae-cb92-41c3-b5f3-54ad8a7007a5?size=thumbby GreenRoses | Read 3651 times |

Souleter, Aeron Than, is great at what her kind is to do. Eat your soul. She blocks out all real connections to people, any feelings, emotions, that could hold her back from feeding. She never has slipped. Never has she been really involved with one of her victims. Until now.

Connor Johnson is a kind boy, handsome too. His childhood was bad, which leads him to not trust people easily, to not trust Aeron completely.

There tale is of loss, want, and beig defenseless to love.

© Copyright 1-30-12

Coveer made by TheWildOne

Created almost 5 years ago • Updated about 4 years ago

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