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8c8c2b97-13e5-49f5-a391-a6b3764b1888?size=thumbby Cullenfanstar | Read 175 times |

“Fame comes with a price? Do you think you can handle it?” My new manager said to me.

Excitedly I nodded. “Yes”

Little did I know that was the biggest lie I ever told.

Enter shy, and talented Kelly Wallace. She try’s to survive high school and tries harder to get a guy to even look her way. But Kelly is secretly talented. She can sing, her heart out. Tired of being invisible, she finally reveals her talent to the world by posting a video on youtube singing a hit song by Carly Rae Jepsen. Reaching a hundred million views in an hour, her phone has been off the hook. Suddenly she’s starring in movies, photoshoots, and in music videos. She cuts off her best friends and embrace her new life.

But everything has a dark side.
Soon Kelley discovers everything isn’t what it seems. She can’t tell the difference between her real friends and her fake friends, she doesn’t know who she is anymore, and she’s caught kissing her celeb crush who has a girl friend..but as her world come crashing down can she get her old life back? Or will she have to just deal with the price of Fame?

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Created about 4 years ago • Updated about 4 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: How it began

    | Read 175 times

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