G H E T T O ( August Alsina Urban Story )
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G H E T T O ( August Alsina Urban Story )

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Being From The Ghetto Ain’t Easy For Bria , Her Single Mom Raised Her Into A Beautiful Young Women But Bria WANTED Out The Ghetto So She Started Stripping Making A THOUSANDS Of Dollars Saving It Up So She Can Get Her Mom , Lil Sister And Her Out Of The Hood ! She Ain’t Ashamed Of Being Ghetto She Just Wanted To Make It Out For Her Family , She Dont Have
A Half A Million Dollar Condo
And She Ain’t Got
A Hundred Thousand Dollar Car
But She Got A Billion Dollar Body & She Use It To Get Outta The ( G H E T T O )
Ghetto ~ August Alsina x Rich Homie Quan !

I Love The Way you keep them heels on
Hair Ain’t yours but it’s paid For and it’s real long
Show them tattoos when you switch it up
With your J’s on
And you got an *** so fat that I can’t help but to Feel On
And You keep it real when it comes to having sex
Girl you don’t ever flex
Long as I **** you good
You ain’t worried bout what’s next
That’s why I keep you here
You ain’t like them other hoes
Cause you the ******* best
Just in case you didn’t know

Cause you ain’t got
A half a million dollar condo
And you ain’t got
A hundred thousand dollar car
But you got a billion dollar body
Trust me I know
You keep it hood no matter where you are

Cause you come from the ghetto
Love Em’ from the ghetto
Girl you’re the type I like
That’s why I keep you right you out the ghetto
Love Em’ from the ghetto
Ain’t afraid to let it show
Baby, go on let them know
You out the ghetto
Better let’em know, you from the ghetto
Better let’em know
Girl you are the ghetto
Better let’em know
Better let’em know
You are that G-H-E-TT-O

You hold it down
And you never let them haters come around
Girl that’s why I keep you on speed dial
Just in case some **** get bad
Keep that ratchet in your bag
And a little cash
Just in case I need you
If they lock me down I know I’d see you
That’s without a doubt
I know you understand how it go
But you’re down for the ride
That’s why I still keep you by my side



[Rich Homie Quan]
She G-H-E-TT-O
My little buddy, my little ho
Been ******* with her since I was in high
She had my heart and secrets to
She was born and raised in the projects
Never listen what other guys said
She been going though ****
I can tell, because her eyes red
Her heart hurt, been beat up
Wanna start over, don’t mislead ya
I cross my heart like a pledge allegiance
I give my all if you don’t leave me
She G-H-E-TT-O
I love that ****
Cause you never see her with money
Don’t mean she broke
Shawty down my pimping
Shawty know how it goes
Shawty know her position
And shawty play her role
Got August in here with me
And I could rap it acapella
I’d **** with you lil’ baby
Even though you from the ghetto



Created about 3 years ago • Updated over 1 year ago

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