I’ll Sub Your Story
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I’ll Sub Your Story

6c150fac-0d42-492a-9ac1-88d55963d566?size=thumbby illsubyourstory | Read 2260 times |

Hey guys!

If you watch my friends cover on YouTube,
I’ll subscribe to your story!

If you “like” her cover,
i’ll comment on your story,

and if you comment on her cover,
i’ll help promote your story!!

Cover song: Want You Back

please watch the video.
she has no views right now.


comment below if you have watched it, liked it, or commented on it,
so i can return the favor! :D

Created almost 3 years ago • Updated almost 3 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: I’ll Sub Your Story

    | Read 2260 times

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