If I Didn’t Have You
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If I Didn’t Have You

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Marissa ’s life drastically changes after a tragedy strikes: a fire killed her dad and mom, leaving her guardian-less, along with her two younger brothers. She then is left with a choice: let their aunt and her family take them in, or try to raise her brothers on her own.

As Marissa deals with the aftermath of her parents’ deaths, life gets a bit easier. She has her friends, teachers, relatives, classmates, and five special people to help her through it all. But as the days pass by, secrets from her past spill out. What will people think about her once they learn about her past?

Everyone is surprised by it all, but nobody cares about what happened in her past. All they care about is the young woman Marissa is now. Going through the things she did has made her a strong, caring, nice, and amazing person. Raising two younger brothers as a teenage girl in her junior year of high school may get complicated. But soon, Marissa learns that she will never be alone.

As relationships form and friendships grow stronger, Marissa starts believing in herself more and more each day. But one day, the guy she loves confronts her about her past, and Marissa tells him everything. What will happen? Will her and the one she loves end up happily ever after? Will she be able to raise her brothers and survive high school under the circumstances?


After five years of serving in the military, he was back. In that moment, I was so happy. I just wanted that happiness to last forever. That happiness, it was all because of him.

“I know it’s been five years since I left. I’m back now, and I’m not leaving again. You are what kept me going. You, Blake, and James are what gave me the strength to keep going. I love the three of you so much. I have served our country like I set out to do. Now, there is one last thing I want.”

Those brown eyes of his searched mine for any doubt in him, but they found none. All they could find were love and happiness. Apparently, that’s what he was looking for because the next thing I know, he got down on one knee, pulling out a purple velvet box. I instantly felt like time froze; nothing seemed real to me. Tears started flowing down my cheeks, and my heart was racing.

“I love you to the moon and back. Every time I think of my future, you’re there. Marissa Jade Peterson, will you marry me?”

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  1. Chapter 1: Just Another Day

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