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.::Im Married To My Highschool’s Principal:A Dustin Breeding Love Story ft. **::.::|ON HOLD|::.
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.::Im Married To My Highschool’s Principal:A Dustin Breeding Love Story ft. **::.::|ON HOLD|::.

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Girl,I love you.And I know fosho you love me.I didnt put a ring on it for nothing.Show the world that ring.Show them nigqas that your taken.Wear that ring with confidence.Thats what I do.I wear this ring with confidence.But I dont say a word.I tell them that I wear this ring for show.Cause Im finna not tell them that I wear this ring cause Im married.To you.You tell your friends your married.Be proud to be married.To me.But dont say a word.Dont say Im your husband.Say that he’s too busy,but he always have time for me.I get in trouble then get sent to the principal’s office.I cant wait to get there.I get to see my wife.Inside Im jumping around like a kid in a candy store.Outside Im playing it cool,pretending that I hate going to the principal’s office.I may get grounded.But hey,its actually worth it.Its only worth it,if I get to see yo’ pretty face everyday.There’s that smile I’ve been wanting to see.Show me your pearly whites & I’ll show you mine.Your my everything.When you walk these halls.You look so independent.Like you dont need me,but you want me.Im a independent man.Like I dont need you,but I want you.We dont depend on eachother.All we want from eachother is..Love & Affection.Show that we care for one another & the marriage we’re in.No one knows.None of my friends or family know.None of your friends or family know,either.And they wont know.Not until I graduate.I hope you be there with me,when I tell the entire school about our secret marriage.You would’nt care if you get fired.Why? Cause you love me that much not to care about the dam job.You could be a stay at home wife.I’ll go to college.Go to all my classes.After I done all my classes.Im coming back home to get ready for work.Im gonna work as a business man or a lawyer.Which ever one gets us more money.I know you dont care for the money.Nor do I.But I want to take you to the most exotic places.Show you that you dont always have to be cooped up in the house.You will never go broke.Just ask & I’ll give.Our marriage is build on..Trust.Faith.Hope.Believe.Love.Lust.Passion.Happiness.Care.Understanding.Laughter.Support.Its more,but Im hoping its gonna be build us a family.I really want our kids to see.See how much we love eachother.Care for eachother.Trust eachother & so much more for eachother.See how I treat you with respect.And let them see how much you treat me with respect.We’re gonna make it.I just know it.Or else I would’nt be saying all this stuff.And these rings on our finger.Would’nt not be there.Baby,Im proud to say..Im Married To My Highschool’s Principal.Be proud to say,that your married to one of the students of the highschool you run.Dont forget it baby.Dont forget,that I love you.Later.

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