Im Messing Around With My Art Teacher’s Son:A Ray Ray Story
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Im Messing Around With My Art Teacher’s Son:A Ray Ray Story

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I don’t know how this happened.It just happened.I couldn’t help myself. He couldn’t either. I love him.And he loves me.Our love is strong.Same for our relationship.I wake up every morning for him.He told me,he also wake up every morning just to see my pretty face.At night.We sneak out the house.Then we meet at the beach.There we make love to each other.Its like we missed one another.Like we have’nt seen one another for days.After,he takes me home.Press his soft lips against mine.His lips depart from mine.And he says,“Your lips,are the most softest and sweetest lips,I had ever kissed”.I blush.He chuckles.I cant get caught with him.He cant get caught with me.I peck his lips then snuck back into my house.I cant stay away from him.If,Im away from him then..Im nothing.When he is away from me..he is empty inside.Inside his heart.He tells me.I cry.I love him too much to let him go just like that.He loves me too much to ever break my heart.Our relationship just started with a simple art project.Being partnered up with him.Was worth it..cause then I would of never,he would of never,we would of never fallen in love with eachother.We aint doing no harm..I came to an conclusion.And its the simple fact that…Im Messing Around With My Art Teacher’s Son

Created over 3 years ago • Updated over 3 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Prologue

    | Read 557 times

  2. Chapter 2: Lets Get Started

    | Read 501 times

  3. Chapter 3: Come Paint With Me

    | Read 578 times

  4. Chapter 4: Don’t Let Them Stop Us

    | Read 480 times

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