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Imagines {** Rated R}
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Imagines {** Rated R}

A0641932-dc8e-4125-85af-0adde8b883a9?size=thumbby RayWifeysTho | Read 206 times |

Yep I’ll do doing imagines I just need you to pick from the category of name: Ray Ray, Princeton, Issa, Jacquees, Diggy, Jacob L, Prodigy, Roc, August, Chris Brown, Bow Wow, or A$AP. Lemme know if you want anybody besides them it would most likely be Rated T for teens lol. Please don’t flag my ish or I’ll hunt you down like a rabbit dog. But yeah sign up for one.

What guy:

Created about 2 years ago • Updated almost 2 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Ray Ray Imagine

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