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In Love With My Bully……[A ******************Love Story]
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In Love With My Bully……[A ******************Love Story]

940e7d47-543f-4d07-9a6e-0b2bc2f91e30?size=thumbby Jada_Aka_JayJay_isMe | Read 5469 times |

Hey my name is Jada im 14 and im in love with my bully, he ssooo cute, he has these beautiful eyez, and this cute smile that any girl will die for, but he hate’s me, he beat’s me down every single day of school, i try to ignore him but it just me it worster, if you wondering what’s my Bully name rite, well his name is criag jackson, every gurl in school want’s to be his gurl, he’s the King of Hreat’s, oh and his friend randy,trey,and jacob, is the same as well, but they bully my BFF’s. i dont understand why they just pick on us. my mom all wayz told me that if a boy pick’s on you then that mean’s he like’s you,
well that’s alie, i think, oh how care but guess wat it’s senior year and im going to find out.
Just wish my and my BFF’s luck.

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    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 2: Cast Call

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  2. Chapter 3: Cast :{D

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  3. Chapter 4: shcool

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  4. Chapter 5: At Shcool And Hates It

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  5. Chapter 6: Cast Call

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  6. Chapter 7: Srry/REaLLY

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  7. Chapter 8: REaLLY **

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  8. Chapter 9: New member!!!!

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