Jaden Smith love story
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Jaden Smith love story

A0278786-c93b-4cbc-87b7-42e784d6dfef?size=thumbby YourOnlyMindlessForever | Read 2386 times |

Y.n. POV
I love Jaden Smith But i will never meet him until tonight at the concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Im going to go get dressed in a nice outfit which is this one:http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=45953380
guard:“pass please”
YN:shows pass and goes in
?:“hey bueaty
YN:turns around”who th-"
?:“im not sappouse to be out of the back yet
yn:”ok but i g2g i dont even know who u are "
?:“im roc roc royal from **
YN:“oh your the big lipped guy”
Roc:“cold much”
YN:"sorry"kisses cheek “bye”
Yn:“the kiss meant nothing” walks away to the seat on her ticket
?:“why was you talking to my man and why did you kiss his cheek”
YN:“first it was a friendly kiss and second cause i can” looks and sees zonnique(star) (i dont know hot to spell it)
Star:“oh ok”
YN:“i dont even like him i love jaden smith”
Star:"come with me " starts walking
YN:“ok” follows
Star:“babydoll this is yn, and beauty this is YN”
YN:“i cant stay here i dont think i should be back here”
Star:“i got you, you can hang with us all night”
YN:“ok i guess” goes in purse and gets her phone:1 text:Davon:hey boo calls davon
D:(hears girl in backround) soooooo
Y:were over goodbye
hangs up
Star:“what happened”
YN:“my ex was cheating”
Star:“oh i know what song will cheer you up” puts on Valid like Salad look it up its real
YN:starts catdaddying
omg girlz:“heyyyyy”
YN:"that did help thanx so much "
star:“np ooops we have to get to the concert”starts walking
Yn:“hey who is this”
?:“why dont you check”
Yn:turns around and sees jaden smith"hi"
Jaden:“hey cutie”
???:“hey bae”
jaden:“were not dating stella”
Stella:“i know i call everyone bae even the very hot gurl in front of you”
YN:“thanx but im not les”
Stella:“iaght holla baes”
YN:“umm star when is the show starting”
Star:“right now”
the curtains open and you see a bunch of people
Yn:“sorry but y y y i have stage fr-”
Star:“just imagin your in the backstage room”
Jaden:"g2g go rap please do it for me " runs around stage and raps
YN :“i can do this” starts dancing
Omg girlz:0_0 “you can dance like that”
Yn:“yup no lets get down lets make a cemicircle and dance”
they make aa cemicircle and YN goes first she dougies and cat daddys
Jaden:"id like to introduce my bffs babydoll, star and beauty and my my sister willow but most importantly yn "
Yn:walks over and whispers “thanx bae” walks away
Jaden:“ok” happy she called him bae
the shows over
YN:“i got to get back to campus”
Star:“oh you live on a campus in school”
Jaden:“il drop you off”
YN:“my campus buddy would kill me”
Jaden:“ok” sad
yn:notices that hes disappointed “but maybe tomorrow we could go for ice cream and you could also oovoo me its LoveHurts@2”
Jaden:puts oovoo name in iphone “il see you tonight”happy
YN:“ok bye” walks home

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