Justin Combs A Bad Boy Love Story
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Justin Combs A Bad Boy Love Story

Ba6ac62b-3b66-4c03-a3ce-26b789412d13?size=thumbby Chronicles0716 | Read 7893 times |

Captian of the Football team all the girls want to be with him his name is Justin Combs his dad is Diddy he’s 16, Justin has been wrong in the past with girls all he wanted wasnto have sex and fu.** until he meets Melanie his whole world changes.

Melanie Johnson she’s has been through a tough life her dad’s in jail and her mom is always traveling and never home. She loves to party and gets in trouble a lot and she ealks down the hall listening to others talk they always talk about this Justin guy but she doesnt know who he is. On her way home she bumps into someone it turns out to be Justin and since they met her life will never be the same

Created almost 3 years ago • Updated over 1 year ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: CHARACTERS NEEDED!!!

    | Read 1010 times


    | Read 881 times

  3. Chapter 3: WINNERS ARE?!?!

    | Read 1089 times

  4. Chapter 4: Melanie’s First Day of School

    | Read 1641 times

  5. Chapter 5: Justin

    | Read 1133 times

  6. Chapter 6: Feeling Can Be Conceiving

    | Read 1234 times

  7. Chapter 7: NEW STORY

    | Read 895 times

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