Love vs. Hell (a MBLove Story)
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Love vs. Hell (a MBLove Story)

Ac0e8600-6c61-47e7-8ba9-8f187883be63?size=thumbby CookieKissesNCream | Read 18631 times |

15 year old Princeton= Jacob Perez comes from a troubled family. Jacob has an alcoholic mom and he has an abusive dad. Jacob is an only child since his dad “killed” his little brother. Jacob works for what he wants in this world the best way he knows how.
15 year old Prodigy= Craig Crippen has 5 brothers and sisters. His dad gets his laughs by raping and abusing his sisters, and abusing Craig and his brothers. Craig’s mom doesn’t care as long as he doesn’t do anything to her. Craig’s dad was arrested 5 times and he keeps coming back. Craig has to leave and he wants to take his brothers and sisters with him. He makes his money the best way he knows how.
15 year old Roc Royal= Trey Young has 8 brothers and sisters. His 3 older sisters are pregnant by their step dad, while his 2 younger sisters are busy being raped by him. Trey’s mom doesn’t have a clue about anything that goes on she’s always too drunk to notice. Trey and his 3 brothers are trying to stop him anyway possible. He beats them for fun and for interfering with him raping their sisters. Trey wants out, and he wants to take his brothers and sister with him. And to do that Trey makes his money the best way he knows how.
15 year old RayRay= Raquan Smith is an only child. He has an alcoholic mom who doesn’t bother to deal with him, but she loves to beat him while she’s drunk. Raquan’s dad has been in an out of prison for 10 years. Raquan’s dad is coming for him and his mother for revenge. Last time he returned he almost killed his mom. Raquan wants to move and never look back. To leave Raquan has to make his money the only way he know how.

15 year old Monica Johnson has a psychopathic mother who’s in a mental hospital because of her cheating alcoholic husband. She found out what he has been doing for the past 10 years and how he has 8 other children by 5 other women. Monica’s mom went on killing spree and kilt the mothers of her husband’s other children. Monica lives with her alcoholic father who loves to beat her. Monica tries to escape her pain by cutting herself but the pain became too much and she turned to a new solution, Drugs.
15 year old Keisha Brown was raped by her brothers, and his friends. Keisha is 3 weeks pregnant and has no clue who the dad is and doesn’t wanna know who he is. Her mom knows that’s she pregnant and she is mad at her because she thinks that she was sleeping around with guys. Her brother doesn’t know she’s pregnant. She doesn’t say anything to her mom about what her brothers do to her. Keisha only wants one thing, to leave so her child can have a better life. Keisha makes her money they best way she knows how.
15 year old Nicki Crippen (Craig’s twin sister) is repeatedly raped and abused by her dad. Her brothers do anything they can to stop him but they always end up hurt. Nicki just wants to run away and never come back, but the only thing stopping her is that she’s only 2 weeks pregnant and she and her friends are the only ones who know. She knows she has to tell her family but she doesn’t know what would happen.
YN (you) are a 15 year old music prodigy. Your mom wants what’s best for you but your dad will do anything to stop you from doing that. He spent your whole college fund on alcohol and drugs. He rapes and abuses you and your mom all the time. She will do anything to get away from him but he won’t let her. If she tries to leave he would kill both of you. He won’t let her out of the house, but you make your own money the best way you know how.

Created almost 5 years ago • Updated about 1 year ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Who Are They

    | Read 2725 times

  2. Chapter 2: Trey House

    | Read 2325 times

  3. Chapter 3: Keisha’s House

    | Read 2212 times

  4. Chapter 4: Craig and Nicki House

    | Read 2280 times

  5. Chapter 5: Monica’s House

    | Read 1964 times

  6. Chapter 6: New Day……..New Pain pt 1

    | Read 2073 times

  7. Chapter 7: New Day……..New Pain pt 2

    | Read 1738 times

  8. Chapter 8: New Day……..New Pain pt 3

    | Read 1347 times

  9. Chapter 9: I Wanna Be There With You (Nicki and Trey)

    | Read 598 times

  10. Chapter 10: This Wasn’t The Plan (Keisha)

    | Read 331 times

  11. Chapter 11: She Doesn’t Deserve This (Monica)

    | Read 217 times

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