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Ad4a6a7a-c3f1-4278-9144-afbd8e25bc7d?size=thumbby Emily_Sartorius_505 | Read 19 times |

Wassup Miss Literati? I am so stoked, because I now have my very own journal, that I will allow people to see. This will be updated everyday, and it will just talk about what I have done, and stuff like that. Now, if I don’t update one day, don’t worry, I probably wasn’t allowed. But, I will try my best. Now, finally, after every chapter is finished, I will have a question that you guys can answer in the comments. I will reply to your comment, and everything will be cool. Don’t be shy, comment, comment, comment!!

Created 11 days ago • Updated 9 days ago

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  1. Chapter 1: January 10 2017

    | Read 14 times

  2. Chapter 2: January 11 2017

    | Read 5 times

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