Miss Literati Problems
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Miss Literati Problems

B4f04836-744b-409e-a7d2-5f1dc244c460?size=thumbby FameIsNotForever | Read 13889 times |

I love ML!But there are problems..Haters,copy cats,never ending ads,same people being featured.You get my point.In here there will be interveiws with people with experiance in bullying and haters.There has been suicide on this site.This is ML problems.

Like a thorn in my side
I’ve nowhere to hide
You’ve got a sting in your tail
And you’ll get me without fail

Is it my hair, my size or my shoes?
Whatever it is I’ll always lose
Tell me what’s wrong I’m sure we can sort it out
But you’d rather get angry, lash out and shout

Trials and tribulations are all part of life
But why do I have to put up with your trouble and strife?
You suppress and repress me and laugh at my woes
I’d like to see how you’d react if someone bigger stepped on your toes

There’s a name for your kind you’re a B.U.L.L.Y.
If I’m not to your liking you’ll tell me why and make me cry
It’s not just the verbal but the physical and mental abuse
Do you know how many times
I’ve wanted to end it all with my head in a noose?

My brother says be strong, you’ll get bored and it will all come to an end
I want the end now, don’t need an enemy but a friend
School years are long and there’re supposed to be fun
This seems like a battle that can never be won

You’ve never been strong just aggressive and weak
You’ve never liked me because I’m kind and meek
My self respect and confidence have been taken away
But I pray to God that they will come back soon, someday

I’m now older and wiser and even have respect for myself
Doing well in my career and I even have wealth
Saw you the other day walking up and down the street
You should have concentrated on studying not bullying
Then you would be able to make ends meet

No more do I have that thorn in my side
It is now your turn, to run away and hide
Go on bend your head down in embarrassment and shame
Like a newly planted flower, I’ll never be the same again

By Twicked


Created almost 5 years ago • Updated almost 4 years ago

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  10. Chapter 10: Issue 8-Supportive Comments from Subbers,and How Others Feel

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  12. Chapter 12: Issue 10-Suicide

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  13. Chapter 13: Issue 11-Update,**

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  14. Chapter 14: Thanks, Sorry, WE DID IT!

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