Only one word to describe my life… CRAZY! (a Justin Combs love story)
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Only one word to describe my life… CRAZY! (a Justin Combs love story)

4b8609c7-2f4e-4337-b723-d9f763773b27?size=thumbby jerseyshoreluv | Read 58724 times |

Hey! my name is Jenni Steeler. I am a 15 year old girl. I am signed to Young Money, Cash Money Records, and Lil T.O records (Drake and lil waynes lable *fake). I am a rapper.My stage name is JSteelz (pronounced Jay-Steal-Zuh) I have a twin brother named Jason. I have no dad, but I do have a mom. Her and my brother and my 4 bestfriends are really important in my life. My 4 best friends are Sam (boy), Clive (boy), JJ (girl), and Michelle (girl). My stage name is JSteelz, I currently live in ATL in Drakes house, but I’m from Canada. This story is wild, weird, amazing, sad, happy etc. If I had only one word to describe it, I think the perfect word would be… CRAZY!

(Best Friend info)
Clive- has a passion for soccer like Jay, can never stick to one girl so he’s actually never had a girlfriend, hes a player & a hearthrob, a heartbreaker, went on many dates, and is stupidly funny. Don’t get fooled by his playerness, he’s actually very kind. Sure he may be a player, but he respects women. No matter how many dates he might have in a day, he’ll always make time for his bestfriends; Jay, me, JJ, Michelle, and Sam. He is 50% black, and 50% Caucasian.
Jay- Is my older (by 10 minutes) twin brother. He has a passion for soccer. He is in love with JJ, and JJ loves him too. They are currently in a relationship. Jay is like a male version of me.He is very overprotective of me. He is the person in the world who I trust the most with anything and everything. He may get pissed off at me, but at the end of the day he loves me a lot, and no one can change that. He is 25% Trini, 25% Jamaican 25% Caucasian, and 25% Indian.
Sam- has a passion for football, and will one day be in the NFL. We had plans to play together, but I gave that up to be a rapper. We still play though. He loves Michelle, and Michelle loves him too, but both are afraid to admit it. He is funny, and is outgoing. He sticks up for his friends, He is a very nice person, but if you **** him off, you better watch out. He is 25% Trini, 25% Italian, and 50% mexican.
Michelle- She is one of the boys. She hates to get dressed up, she only dresses up when it`s something important in HER life. She doesn`t give a damn about anybody else. She loves public speaking and is super smart. Her mind and heart are set on being a lawyer. She is really nice, and outgoing. She loves Sam, and he loves her back, but neither of them know it… yet. She is 25% French, 50% Jamaican, and 25% Spanish.
JJ- She is a very happy person. She is always in a good mood, and always sees past the bad things in life. Her real name is Jenifer Taylor Jr. So we call her “JJ” for short. She is in love with Jay, and is a very kind girl. She is a peace keeper, and doesn`t like it when people argue or fight. Her parents are always arguing, so to keep her mind off things, we take her out. She has a passion for art and hopes to be an artist one day. She is 50% Trini, and 50% Caucasian

Created over 5 years ago • Updated over 4 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Get out of my studio!

    | Read 2491 times

  2. Chapter 2: Meeting the Biebs

    | Read 1926 times

  3. Chapter 3: Drake get’s some exciting news

    | Read 2173 times

  4. Chapter 4: Being myself

    | Read 1583 times

  5. Chapter 5: Stupid @$$ meeting

    | Read 1736 times

  6. Chapter 6: Jenni’s birthday part 1

    | Read 1305 times

  7. Chapter 7: Jenni’s birthday part 2

    | Read 1384 times

  8. Chapter 8: Jenni’s Birthday part 3

    | Read 1236 times

  9. Chapter 9: Jenni’s birthday part 4

    | Read 1287 times

  10. Chapter 10: Jenni’s Birthday Party Part 1

    | Read 1086 times

  11. Chapter 11: Jenni’s Birthday Party part 2

    | Read 1162 times

  12. Chapter 12: Jenni’s Birthday Party part 3

    | Read 1450 times

  13. Chapter 13: Jenni’s Birthday Party Part 4

    | Read 1928 times

  14. Chapter 14: Recording my first song!!

    | Read 1092 times

  15. Chapter 15: The Begining of the Formal Party…. Jenni Style

    | Read 1585 times

  16. Chapter 16: Get Me Some Real Food.

    | Read 1296 times

  17. Chapter 17: Get out of MY chair

    | Read 1222 times

  18. Chapter 18: Justin… You talk too long!

    | Read 1444 times

  19. Chapter 19: These two idiots.

    | Read 1256 times

  20. Chapter 20: Not Today

    | Read 1213 times

  21. Chapter 21: My Party!!

    | Read 1069 times

  22. Chapter 22: get your @$$ up

    | Read 1125 times

  23. Chapter 23: Hangin with Justin

    | Read 1306 times

  24. Chapter 24: Don’t leave a brotha’ behind!

    | Read 1516 times

  25. Chapter 25: Fun at the pool

    | Read 1627 times

  26. Chapter 26: Looks like we got ourselves a show!!

    | Read 1247 times

  27. Chapter 27: My First Big Show!!

    | Read 1037 times

  28. Chapter 28: You Two are so Cute Together!!

    | Read 1115 times

  29. Chapter 29: Someone gets a well deserved punch in the face from Jenni

    | Read 1058 times

  30. Chapter 30: People Need to Mind Their OWN Bussiness!!

    | Read 908 times

  31. Chapter 31: Talking to Ty and a Furious Wet Tomato… LMAO

    | Read 956 times

  32. Chapter 32: Oh Clive!

    | Read 905 times

  33. Chapter 33: Young Mulah Baby!!

    | Read 944 times

  34. Chapter 34: I walk inside the studio and there was——

    | Read 1069 times

  35. Chapter 35: Do Not Disturb ME!!

    | Read 1608 times

  36. Chapter 36: How to ditch a b****… YMCMB style

    | Read 2120 times

  37. Chapter 37: Kicked Out of ANOTHER restaurant…. I’m Keeping the plate!!

    | Read 1073 times

  38. Chapter 38: Interview About my Relationship with Justin

    | Read 1128 times

  39. Chapter 39: Another Formal Party

    | Read 1203 times

  40. Chapter 40: I’m With It/WHAT!!! Phone smashes against pavement

    | Read 1057 times

  41. Chapter 41: Dealing with the tragedy

    | Read 1152 times

  42. Chapter 42: When Nicki and Jenni spy on the guys

    | Read 952 times

  43. Chapter 43: Date with Justin :)

    | Read 1547 times

  44. Chapter 44: My Father My A*s

    | Read 1157 times

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