The Artist of Time: Book 1
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The Artist of Time: Book 1

B8640353-f0c6-48bd-97cc-25b6bd211f70?size=thumbby sebastian123 | Read 2533 times |

This is the story of Skyler, Maya, Elena, Ray and Lowry, five wizards beginning classes in the prestigious Ternobis University: Skyler is a boy with no magical training whatsoever who, against all odds, is thought to be the Chosen One; Maya is the rough, strong girl who turns out to be more powerful than anyone expected; Elena is Maya’s best friend, a beautiful and shy girl who wants to be taken seriously; Roy is Skyler’s best friend, a cynical and sarcastic wizard with the pressure of being part of one of the most powerful magical families; and Lowry, a quiet and mysterious boy who’s trying to accept a secret part of him he never wanted in the first place.
With the normal teenage pressure of school, friendship, and love, and the added pressure of magic, these five wizards are going to have to fight to survive enemies and friends, magical plagues, mysterious murderers, toxic secrets, and what scares everyone the most, the imminent threat of the prophecised Fiend of Fiends.


Enjoy, and please note that I know most of these themes and ideas are not all that original. But I made them with love <3

Feel free to share, comment, tell me what you think, what you like, dislike, what you want to see, who you ship, etc…


No part of this book can be copied, changed, downloaded, printed, or distributed in any way or form. Unless the author gives his willing consent written and signed on a document to do so.
This text is copyrighted, thnx :)


The cover of this book (and the whole series) was made by the incredible TheLadySpeedster :) If you like it, go check it out in her Miss Literati page: Illusionist Design | Graphic Design Company


The order of the series is:

—The Artist of Time (Book 1, A Novel)
—The Father of Souls (Book 2, A Novel)
—The Master of Over There (Book 3, A Novel)

—The Poet of Minds (Book 1.5, A Short-Story Collection)

—The Lady of Blood (Book .5, A Novella)

Created almost 6 years ago • Updated 5 months ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: PROLOGUE: Calloway

    | Read 490 times

  2. Chapter 2: Part I

    | Read 204 times

  3. Chapter 3: PART I: Arrival. CHAPTER I: Skyler (Three Months Later)

    | Read 203 times

  4. Chapter 4: CHAPTER II: Maya

    | Read 126 times

  5. Chapter 5: CHAPTER III: Skyler

    | Read 130 times


    | Read 124 times

  7. Chapter 7: CHAPTER IV: Leah

    | Read 114 times

  8. Chapter 8: CHAPTER V: Elena

    | Read 113 times

  9. Chapter 9: CHAPTER VI: Skyler

    | Read 128 times

  10. Chapter 10: CHAPTER VII: Maya

    | Read 119 times

  11. Chapter 11: CHAPTER VIII: Elena

    | Read 117 times

  12. Chapter 12: CHAPTER IX: Calloway

    | Read 123 times

  13. Chapter 13: CHAPTER X: Skyler

    | Read 111 times

  14. Chapter 14: Prophecies

    | Read 103 times

  15. Chapter 15: PART II: Domains. CHAPTER I: Skyler

    | Read 103 times

  16. Chapter 16: CHAPTER II: Maya

    | Read 110 times

  17. Chapter 17: CHAPTER III: Ray

    | Read 110 times

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