The Doll Named Fate
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The Doll Named Fate

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Second book to the Grimmview Valley Series
This book follows a girl named Willow on her journey battling a doll named Fate. She finds a box addressed to her on her birthday, which is December 25th, under the christmas tree. She recieves a text from a mysterious girl telling her that the gift is from her. When Willow opens it she is shocked to find the doll from her nightmares. Willow must learn the history of her family and try to correct the cruel horrible deed her family did. But the only way to stop the curse placed on the doll is to have a girl, is to have the curse lifted by another girl. But the only girl Willow can find is Andy. Can Willow make it up and prove to Andy that her family is worth saving? Or will she fail and perish in the flames that engulfed young Amber?

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    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: The Feeling

    | Read 10 times

  2. Chapter 2: The Ruined Scarf

    | Read 3 times

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