The Mixed Breed (August alsina Love story)
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The Mixed Breed (August alsina Love story)

6081bb16-347b-436d-a45e-c66987003c8f?size=thumbby EL-OH-VE-EE | Read 1000 times |

August Alsina
I hated her but something still attracted me to her
She was abnormal
She wasnt right
She was….Forbidden
I never thought I would need her
I was High off love yet My hatred for her still grew
One Blue eye one brown eye
something so strange
But yet so beautiful
Shes a Mixed breed.
A creation of forbidden lust filled with powers unknown
She herself was unknown until that dreadful day
Im in love with a mixed breed and this is only the beginning

Created almost 3 years ago • Updated about 2 years ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Trust (A little somethin’ somethin’)

    | Read 396 times

  2. Chapter 2: Are You Gonna Stay The Night

    | Read 466 times

  3. Chapter 3: Devil May Cry

    | Read 139 times

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