The Third-Floor Bedroom Uninvited Guests
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The Third-Floor Bedroom Uninvited Guests

F644c9e6-1478-4eb7-9ec1-5c6fca35f51b?size=thumbby vettese13 | Read 46 times |

When Andy’s mom dies and her and her father pack up and move to a strange new town called Grimmview Valley, Andy discovers a secret door leading to the basement in her new house. While looking through the boxes she finds a photo album with pictures that will lead her to discovering her mom’s past and the grim history of Grimmview Valley and her new house. It’s up to Andy to save a girl she’s never met or to take revenge on the family that did a horrible deed to her mom’s dead best friend.

Created 9 days ago • Updated 5 days ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: The First Dream

    | Read 24 times

  2. Chapter 2: The Key

    | Read 22 times

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