Thick And Beautiful (T.A.B)
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Thick And Beautiful (T.A.B)

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“I am thick and beautiful”
These were the words that 16 year old Abby Gaton could’t say to herself ever since she was a little girl.She could’t and would’t accept how she was and who she was.She would stare at herself in the mirror and be disgusted of what she saw.She lived in a world were you had to be perfect and look perfect.Her sister Kayla was popular,skinny and pretty.She could see in her parents eyes that they loved her sister more, and that she was just an embarrassment.Through out her whole life she had only one friend named Lulu, who stood with her through everything. There was only one thing Abby loved about herself and that was her voice. She always dreamed of being a singer .But everyone told her with a body like that it wasn’t going to happen.She hated her life and her self, she did everything, but it didn’t work.She was bullied and even beaten all because of how she looked.She was very shy,and had a very low self esteem. Everything changed when a new boy in her school fell in love with her.He thought she was incredibly beautiful, but she pushed him away, just like she pushed everyone away from trying to love her. Abby is up for a whole lot of drama and surprises.
Every body brought her down, but it was time to bring herself up.
To all the girls out there with curves and thickness, you’re not fat or ugly, you are incredibly beautiful no matter what anyone says.You were created this way for a reason.You got all the hot stuff on you that skinny girls are dying to have.So look in the mirror and simile, and say to your self" I am thick and beautiful, ain’t nobody gonna bring me down!".

Created over 4 years ago • Updated over 1 year ago

    Chapter Overview

  1. Chapter 1: Journal Entry 1:This is me

    | Read 576 times

  2. Chapter 2: Journal Entry 2: Reflection

    | Read 511 times

  3. Chapter 3: Darkness Of Sorrow

    | Read 466 times

  4. Chapter 4: Bully me no more

    | Read 517 times

  5. Chapter 5: Journal Entry 3: Escape

    | Read 464 times

  6. Chapter 6: New Comers

    | Read 379 times

  7. Chapter 7: Now it’s bully US no more

    | Read 402 times

  8. Chapter 8: James

    | Read 394 times

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