This word called TRUST (ASAP Rocky Love Story)
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This word called TRUST (ASAP Rocky Love Story)

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The Definition of Trust:

assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

My Definition of Trust:

hard won, easily lost, and never fully regained

I’m Rakim Mayers….I prefer you call me Rocky. I’m gonna tell you how this 5 letter word f*cked up my whole life. I never knew what trust was until I met her….But she reminded me why I didn’t when she walked out. Trust is like a peace of paper once its crumbled it can’t be perfect. Now lets get one thing straight just because I’m telling you my story doesn’t mean I trust you….You got it? Good. Anyway I was raised in Harlem and before any of you ask yes I’m in the Game…Just Following in Dad’s footsteps like I was destined too. But me and my boys run Harlem we’re basically the Second Generation of New Jack City. Wait why am I telling you this? Its not important..Back to the point….She came in….Got what she wanted….Played me…and Walked out. I’ll give her props she did better than I expected. Everyone has their thoughts on how it happened and what went down. But I’m gonna tell what really happened. I’m gonna end this by saying Trust No One and if you asking why not….By the end of this you’ll see why.

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  2. Chapter 2: Characters/Cast-Call

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