Try To Get Through Me Again (Sequel To You Have To Get Through Me First)
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Try To Get Through Me Again (Sequel To You Have To Get Through Me First)

861753bb-8463-402a-94cb-d82e7b89a12f?size=thumbby KingJaz131 | Read 1595 times |

Im Baaaaaaaack, Hey Ya’ll Its Izzy I know you missed me and Loved me. So now that im 13 1/2 and had “Woman” Things happened to me im now more devious than ever. After the wedding Mommy never loved again, She has had boyfriends but I don’t want Mommy to get hurt so I ask questions. Mommy changed my last name to Ford because I felt that Jacob yes I don’t call him daddy anymore didn’t deserve me to be his daughter. He left a huge impact on us and missed the biggest milestones of our lives like when the twins learned how to walk or their first words to my First time going to school. Oh and I don’t have that adorable 4 year old face but this is me now…

 photo 5cb395c2a31511e28a1a22000aa81ffa_7_zps24511577.jpg

My Beautiful Mother…

 photo Ba5rV_0IcAE1NBi_zps6e6902e2.jpg

The Twins oh I love them so much…

Untitled #268

Untitled #268 by wynnter-staytrill featuring log home decor

My Baby Cupcake…

 photo images3_zpse1370e3b.jpg

And Umm… Him…

 photo 655fe9864f0a11e3942d12c36745260f_8_zpsaed96d1a.jpg

Well A lot of things are in store for you guys I’m still the cute, Sneaky, Crazy Izzy you guys know and love so enjoy xoxo




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  1. Chapter 1: Cast Call

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