Until You’re By My Side (Tokio Hotel love story)
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Until You’re By My Side (Tokio Hotel love story)

F7e1d350-d09a-4dbc-b7cb-7b9707fbc59e?size=thumbby SchattenEngel | Read 7484 times |

17 year old Tara Smith wins a ticket and backstage pass to go see Tokio Hotel in concert! Tara starts to fall in love with the lead singer Bill Kaulitz. Tara’s abusive ex-boyfriend John is furious and can’t stand seeing her with a rock star. Causing more conflict, Tara’s alcoholic father is getting more and more aggressive each day. Will Tara and Bill be able to keep loving each other, when John is causing nothing but problems? Will John destroy everything there is for Tara and Bill?

2011 SchattenEngel ©

Created almost 3 years ago • Updated over 1 year ago

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  1. Chapter 17: Forgive me..? xD

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