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  • About Me:

    I love to read and write. I love pretty much every work of fiction I read.

  • Favorite Authors:

    I love a LOT of authors.

  • Favorite Books:

    I love a LOT of books, too, but I really loved the book “Savvy”.

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    Fish from Savvy

  • Quote I Live By:

    I don’t really know

  • Dream Job:

    I want to be a famous author

Bookworm900's Stories

  1. Caroline

    Caroline A6a78d04-f900-4d7b-a1ce-e5e6195b7893?size=thumbby Bookworm900 • Read 215 times

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  1. Head in the clouds

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  2. The Power of Powerless

    The Power of Powerless 5f7e28bd-d36f-4d29-8898-33751007ae25?size=thumbby AshWormwo... • Read 966 times

  3. Broken Heart

    Broken Heart 5ab4d478-ced7-42d8-9391-fb20f78e5cb1?size=thumbby cupcakesp... • Read 434 times

  4. Love Notes

    Love Notes 5f7e28bd-d36f-4d29-8898-33751007ae25?size=thumbby AshWormwo... • Read 1512 times

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