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    Lizzie- chan | ♀ | 19 | Bisexual | Taken

    My Birthdate is: Jan. 11, 1994

    Sex preferred: Well, I’m bisexual. I’m open to anything, but if you start making fun of me because my choice. I promise. It. Will. Be. The. Last. Thing. You. Do. -

    Disorders: Its stupid I know to have that, but people should know that I do have some problems. Like I’m bipolar, yeah its an emotional thing I think. Anyways, I wear glasses, I’m not blind just have an eye problem. I have OCD, and this is strange even to me, I can’t cook without having it turn into mush. =-=

    Hobbies: I spend most of my time (free time) on the internet or computer. I edit bases (like my profile picture), I write stories, and a lot of other things. Most of the time I am role-playing; I’m slowly getting better at it. Okay, other from the computer, I draw anime, read any book I can grab onto, write whatever comes to my mind, sing whatever my heart desires, dance to whatever music is playing on the TV, computer, mp3, or in my head, cook (now I know how to make cookies, rolls, and pie), cosplay anything I want to, text when ever I am bored, and a lot of other things.

    Fan fiction: (I share this with the Yamanaka Twins)
    Mine: CuteAkakoYamanaka (A Story Now Up!)
    Gaia online just look up: iRare Blossom
    Deviantart look up: CuteAkakoYamanaka
    IMVU: XPrincessOokamiX
    Flickr: Akako Yamanaka
    YouTube: CuteAkakoYamanaka
    Anivide.com: RainbowNerd

    Random things: I’m a big Jacob Black fan! NO JOKE. I have so many things that just involve Jacob I lost count of everything. Some other guys I fan over are Kouga, Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha (in demonic state), Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi (just love him! ~ ♫), Edward Elric, and a lot of other guys. Now for girls. I just love how cute Kagome, Sango, Kikyou, Ayame, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Tsunade (big bre.ast just flipping love that!), and so many more.

    Cosplays: I cosplay several characters. Like Ino Yamanaka, act just like her, and have several Naruto things. Kagome Higurashi, I made a home-made bow for her, and broke it trying to shoot an invisible demon. w’’ Now Kirara from Inuyasha. xD Orihime Inoue, look just like her only the eyes are wrong. xD And I forgot the others. v.v I am over worked.

    Favorite colors: Black, and purple! . Even though they are my school colors, for the record before I even knew them I was a black and purple freak!

    Favorite foods: Pizza, and my Mum’s potato salad. Biggest one is! COOKIES!!!

    Favorite animals: I love all animals, but reptiles. Q.Q They are nasty. But my favorite animals are dogs, cats, and ♥wolves.♥

  • Favorite Authors:

    Myself (xD), many others on Miss Literati and Quotev. There are a few others.

  • Favorite Books:

    Twilight Saga, and a lot of others! :D

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    o.o I don’t know. D:

  • Quote I Live By:

    “Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

    “Tears deepen the Smile.”

  • Dream Job:

    Kindergarten Teacher and an author

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