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    Hewwo everyone. 😇 My name is Emily, and I am so happy to be here on Miss Literati. So, without further ado, here are some simple facts about me:

    - I am 12 years old - I LOVE pigs - I hope to become famous - I am a fan of Casey Simpson, which means I am a MAJOR Caseynater! - I love my boy, Jacob Sartorius - I love my friend, Johnny Orlando - I am a HUGE fan of Lizzy Greene. She is so talented. - And, many more still to come!
  • Favorite Authors:

    I am always asked, what are my favorite authors? Well, that is easy. Here are a few:

    - James Dashner - JK Rowling - Roald Dahl - And maybe even you!
  • Favorite Books:

    Many people only have one answer to this question. But not me! Here are my favorite books:

    - Harry Potter - Maze Runner - Divergent - Insurgent - The Honest Truth - And a WHOLE bunch more!
  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    I would totally date these fellas:

    - Newt (Maze Runner) - Malfoy (Harry Potter) - Jacob Sartorius (Fan fictions) - Casey Simpson (Fan Fictions)
  • Quote I Live By:

    The quote I live by. Well, I love these quotes:

    - “A dream is just a dream, until someone makes it real.” - “Those who judge were once judged themselves, and will be judged in the future.” - “Why do you say nothing is impossible, when I do nothing everyday?”
  • Dream Job:

    In the future, I would love to be:

    - A Singer - Professional Dancer - Model - Rapper - Authoress - And many other things!

    Thank you so much for reading through my profile. You are amazing.

    What are some things about you? Comment on my profile 3 things that make you special.

    I love you all! ❤

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