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    My name is Kaile and i’m from the state of New York. i just turned 14 last November. i love 5 seconds of summer and one direction. if you would like a one shot or fanfic about 5sos or 1D made just for you i would gladly write it for you!! just give me your name and facts about you and what kind of story you want it to be love story to adopted!!

  • Favorite Authors:

    i don’t really have fave Authors but i guess i can say S.E Hinton because i love her outsiders book!!

  • Favorite Books:

    i love books like The Outsiders, Children Of Eden, The Giver, and Wonder!!

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    i would soooooo date Johnny from the outsiders because he is adorable and sweet and kind and i’m gonna go die now bye.

  • Quote I Live By:

    Might not be exactly right but it is what i live by.
    “if a boy doesn’t give you the same feelings you get when the pizza comes he’s probably not worth it”- Michael Clifford

  • Dream Job:

    my Dream Job is to tour around the world rocking out and making peoples lives with my bandmates. too bad i don’t have a band… so if you wanna start a band contact me(;

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