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    Warning you have stumbled across a page in which you are about to die of boredom and shock from…. you have been warned

    So now even after I try scare you away from this page it seems that you insist on reading it so I might as well continue to talk and explain to you how boring my life is.

    Well lets see….
    OH YEAH, if you haven’t already assumed or noticed I have a bff on here called TheShadows, her books are amazing so go check them out and tell her I told you about her.
    If it hadn’t been for her I wouldn’t be writing on this website today, so round of applause for her.


    I am a typical teen ager with a lot to learn yet I seem to never learn as I continue to make the same mistakes like accidently almost setting the microwave on fire…. and almost locking myself out the house…

    What can I say, i’m just brilliant.

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    If you don’t think that Dylan O’Brien is bae then I may have to disown you
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    I mean seriously look at that face!

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    Anyway back to this ‘About me’ thing.

    I am addicted to chocolate, anything chocolate I will eat. I actually once ate a chocolate shoe, so that sorta explains how far I go when it comes to chocolate.
    Also if you do not love Harley Quinn and do not worship her as your queen then just leave, go away. that was a joke, please stay, don’t go.

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    Okay so enough with Harley Quinn. Now onto who I am.

    My name is Louise Quinn (That’s actually my name XD my full name XD) I have an addiction to writing stories and songs.
    I have been bullied in the past but lets not talk bout that.

    I am a crazy ginger who has many insecurities and yeah! That’s it really.

  • Favorite Authors:

    I don’t know really I like a few

  • Favorite Books:

    Strange angels
    My second life
    Death angel
    Aunt marries book of lore

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    Well lets put it this way, I don’t tend to fantasize over people that you see on paper. I’d rather fantasize over an actual person.

  • Quote I Live By:

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    When one door closes another one opens

    Keep calm and carry on

  • Dream Job:

    > I would like to be maybe an author or a social worker, Maybe an estate agent (The people who show other people homes and all that) or a teacher (Maybe not).

    I don’t know to be honest.

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