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  • About Me:

    ~ Jo

    ~ 15

    Fav. Color: Yes, I like more than one color
    ~ Pink
    ~ Black
    ~ Grey
    ~ Lavender
    ~ Teal
    ~ Royal Blue

    Fav. Animal:
    ~ EVERY ANIMAL! (Mostly Dogs and Cats)

    Fav. Book:
    ~ Too many to account for

    Fav. T.V. Show:
    ~ How I Met Your Mother
    ~ F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
    ~ Vampire Diaries
    ~ That 70’s Show

    Fav. Movie:
    ~ Pitch Perfect (1 & 2)
    ~ Mean Girls
    ~ The Shining
    ~ The Giver
    ~ Harry Potter (1-8)

    Fav. Band:
    ~ Paramore
    ~ Green Day
    ~ Twenty One Pilots
    ~ Panic! At The Disco
    ~ Bastille
    ~ Fall Out Boy
    ~ The Goo Goo Dolls
    ~ Red Light Kings

    Fav. Food: You know the kinds of food that go in your belly
    ~ White Meat (sometimes dark if it’s like a burger)
    ~ Some Vegetables
    ~ Some Fruits

    Fav. Drink:
    ~Root Beer & Coke (though they are sometimes drinks.)
    ~ Water!!! (The liquid of all life force!)

    Fav. Thing to Do:
    ~ Reading
    ~ Writing
    ~ Photography
    ~ Watching (Netflix, You Tube)
    ~ Sleeping
    ~ Swimming
    ~ Snowboarding
    ~ Shopping

    Fav. Holiday:
    ~ My Birthday (May 31, 2001)
    ~ 4th of July (July 4) [Not because of the widely advertised Americana crap, but the fireworks are bomb]
    ~ Halloween(October 31)
    ~ Christmas (December 25)

    Where to I Want to go on Vacation:
    ~ Bahamas (to see the swimming pigs and super clear water.)
    ~ Hawaii (It’s Hawaii, why wouldn’t you want to go?)
    ~ Great Britain (Big Ben and the other things.)
    ~ Paris (City of Love? Hello!)
    ~ Europe (In general. I want to experience life in a new way.)

  • Favorite Authors:

  • Favorite Books:

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    X Real Life is better.

  • Quote I Live By:

    I am good, but not an angel
    I sin, but I’m not the Devil
    I’m just a small girl in a big world
    Trying to find someone to love
    ~Marilyn Monroe

    “In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

    “Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes your happy.”

    “Life it too short to wait.”

    “Pain makes people change.”

    “Better things are coming.”

    “If it’s meant to be it will be.”

    “Play the laughter
    Pause the memories
    Stop the pain
    Rewind the happiness.”

    “You deserve to be happier than you are…”

  • Dream Job:

    ~ Veterinary Technician
    ~ Writer
    ~ Photographer

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