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    Hi, I’m Olga!
    I’m really getting annoyed when people call me Olga.
    That’s just a pen name.
    My real name is Lacey A. Gonzalez!
    The A is a secret!
    I’m new so l really don’t know how to get around much.
    If l ever become a author then well…HURRAY!!!

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    Rick Riordan
    Veronica Roth
    J.K. Rowling
    And any of the users on this website!
    Especially a user called AuroraDreamer.

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Nocturna's Stories

  1. A Cat’s Soul

    A Cat’s Soul D5b5198e-871b-4f89-9af9-9688ee0f4334?size=thumbby Nocturna • Read 171 times

  2. A White Winter Horse

    A White Winter Horse D5b5198e-871b-4f89-9af9-9688ee0f4334?size=thumbby Nocturna • Read 103 times

  3. Destiny

    Destiny D5b5198e-871b-4f89-9af9-9688ee0f4334?size=thumbby Nocturna • Read 63 times

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Nocturna's Subscriptions

  1. “Conficts of my soul”

    “Conficts of my soul” 3075ec86-ad2a-4023-b988-65a6b58c6835?size=thumbby nickie1213 • Read 102 times

  2. Scrambled Eggs

    Scrambled Eggs C1a12839-120f-4f17-afd7-e63873bb139d?size=thumbby lilyanni • Read 28 times

  3. Nightmare

    Nightmare 9c52a697-e897-44db-8edc-281367170857?size=thumbby FlorenceGray • Read 486 times

  4. The Watch

    The Watch 3859a9ab-8329-41ca-a7bd-51294bc83858?size=thumbby Pinkone200 • Read 62 times

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