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    Mood: Hungry af
    - Trying to update lots!
    -A Rose in the Rain will be updated a couple times a week.
    -Writing a new book called Resonance: The Eyes of A Gamer Girl so be sure to check it out!
    For the Lost and Broken My official poetry biz
    Blog of My Junior Year My blog/thoughts/review stuff
    Please check ’em out!!

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    Hello fellow Miss Lits, I am your not-so-typical 16 year old who enjoys the following:
    Heavy metal/death metal (comment about bands,i may know them!)
    Yaoi/Yuri-Anime in general xD
    Opera and singing..^^
    Meh clarinet :3
    Poetry is amazing,whether im reading or writing it.


    I’m a proud weirdo,i embrace it and it’s loveliness

    Check out my bf’s youtube channel:

    *Advertisements are welcome *


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    Ask me anything :3

    You’re all beautiful
    I love you all so much!

  • Favorite Authors:

     photo kermityayplz_zps83f15ac3.gifEVERYONE BASICALLY!

  • Quote I Live By:

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    “Isn’t a happy cheap?”
    -Zim from Brb Suicide

    “Perfection is only found in those who don’t seek it.”

    “Stand above the crowd”
    -Three days Grace’s song ‘One-X’

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    Now that you survived my page…….
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  • Dream Job:

    Opera singer
    Choral Conductor and Composer
    Motivational speaker
    League of Legends Art Designer

    Andddddddd there’s much more xD

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