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    I only write this stuff when I’m bored asf like I am right now .

    favorite color: pink/purple
    favorite tv show: idk, anything on mtv maybe .
    favorite song: umm wicked games by the weeknd.
    favorite movie: don’t think I have one
    favorite book: to be honest I really don’t read that much at all , but I liked the book One for the Murphies .

  • Favorite Books:

    Run away twin.
    One For the Murphies

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:


  • Quote I Live By:

    everything happens for a reason .

  • Dream Job:


hope21000's Stories

  1. Adopted

    Adopted 64a37d35-56c9-47d2-8c20-08d9aed31f26?size=thumbby hope21000 • Read 283 times

  2. Just The Killed  Baby

    Just The Killed Baby 64a37d35-56c9-47d2-8c20-08d9aed31f26?size=thumbby hope21000 • Read 50 times

  3. Hospital Room

    Hospital Room 64a37d35-56c9-47d2-8c20-08d9aed31f26?size=thumbby hope21000 • Read 71 times

  4. 8th Grade Love

    8th Grade Love 64a37d35-56c9-47d2-8c20-08d9aed31f26?size=thumbby hope21000 • Read 203 times

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  1. Below Zero

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  2. Forgotten

    Forgotten 1cea040a-724f-4082-9852-1f9c0892e9d1?size=thumbby randomized • Read 2843 times

  3. IS IT LOVE? l Finished

    IS IT LOVE? l Finished Cb748f65-d456-4a55-b8ef-54d426030e84?size=thumbby one-love • Read 9412 times

  4. Possessed

    Possessed 765096fa-ed79-4cff-9c87-8629ba3a174e?size=thumbby AwesomeHe... • Read 7028 times

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