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    my name is dejah & my bestfriend is morgan also love to be myself and to express who i am.and i dont care what anyone has negative to say about me.im always me,im crazy.im smart and nerdy.im very shy until i get to know a person.im loud,funny,and silly.i love babys,kittens and puppys.im very indepent i dont like relying on other people all the time it makes me feel weak.i love to read.i also like writing my own stories and drawing.i also love acting im a very comitted actress.im good in the kitchen and im a party girl.i love my family and friends and i love to be around them.i can be lazy some times but i love playing vollyball and running track.i also can sing but i have stage fright so i cant sing infront of other people.but when im on stage and playing a part i feel like nothing else in the world matters.

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    If you can’t love yourself how in the hell you gonna love somebody else

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  1. emo love

    emo love 118cc0e8-dae6-4258-98a2-dace559a0505?size=thumbby lovecrazy123 • Read 509 times

  2. Bad KIDZ club

    Bad KIDZ club 118cc0e8-dae6-4258-98a2-dace559a0505?size=thumbby lovecrazy123 • Read 3144 times

  3. Dramazoid

    Dramazoid 118cc0e8-dae6-4258-98a2-dace559a0505?size=thumbby lovecrazy123 • Read 692 times

  4. Keeping secrets(ray ray love story)

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