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    Hi everybody You can call me MEL or PINK PASTEL I love the style pastel goth<3

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    Me when I am really into a kdrama LOL!

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    LOL so true<3

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    I love anime! lol me when a drama mind fucks me in the head. I am just like what just happen tryna process everything ha ha ha.

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    My most favorite Taiwanese actor JIRO WANG he’s SEXY, FUNNY and a VERY GREAT ACTOR LOVE HIM BIG FAN!

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    OKAY LOVE THIS QUOTE! I saw it and I was LIKE AWESOME gotta have it haha<3

  • Favorite Authors:

    james patterson too many to say lol.

  • Favorite Books:

     photo 7f1877eb46dbaa0fb777a91312e7ec0f9665a70c_128_zpsb9hvyjkh.gif

    maxime ride,twilight,vampire diaries<3

  • Literary Character I Would Totally Date:

    any cool cute guy from a manga comic lol and exo D.O<3

  • Quote I Live By:

    Whats with that face lol,kidding just “FIGHTING!”

  • Dream Job:

    nurse and becoming and author and visit korea or japan before i die<3

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