599+ Cake Business Innovative Names

599+ Cake Business Innovative Names (2)

Life is too short to say no to cake. Not just ours, but your life is also short to say no to cake. So, we suggest you consume your time not just in eating cakes but open a cake bakery and do some cake business.  Cake Business Innovative Names

We Take the CakeCakeCraftySugar RushSuneza Cone
Tipsy Cakethe DelicacyBakolickeFlavyo
The Twisted BakerPolka DotsCraveCandy Cakes & moreLe Creme Cone
The Cake ZoneLiquid TemptationsBakoFab Cake FrostingBrickel
The Cake MakerThe Crazy CreamsThe Cakes JunctionFeelin Cone
The Bleeding Heart BakeryTrendy beastEpicBakomagicbar
Sweet Sensations PastryThe Seduction shopBakoCrossThe Hook Cakes
Sweet Dream CakeryThe DreamingGreyGoddess Cakes & moreWhiteSmith
Susie CakesCrazy DreamsFunSwing Cakes & moreYoungVibe Cakes
Sugar Flower Cake ShopGood LayersBakoRelicsPurple Daisy Cakes

The benefits of this business are apart from earning a handsome amount of money, you will be able to distribute happiness, grab blessing, and will have access to fresh and flavourful cakes whenever you want to eat them. Cake Business Innovative Names

Cake Brands Names

So, let’s get started with our cake business innovative name ideas along with some marketing techniques for the same.

Cupcake Boulevardjava FreshFoodoFly FrostingBluMatter Floral
Cupcake GloryFresh FlipFirst Cakessh FrostingArpells Learning
Delicious BakeryBrekky Cakes & MoreBrettWood Cakes & MoreGodomma Co.
Delicious Creations CupcakesLos Gatos CakesFresco Fill FrostingWelcotti
FrankencakeWilly Ever CakesVibrantMinchSoloness
Georgia CupcakesCakes EmergeUrbanBiteMegamaven Co.
Honey Crumb Cake StudioLip Pick CakesHence FrostingMeuven
Loveletter Cakeshopmark a Cakes & MoreTidbits FrostingGiftitude Learning
Luscious Layers BakeryZermyn CakesVibrant CakesBasketude Co.
Magnolia BakeryCakes LyftHopestone CakesAlemon

Cake Businesses Names

“Romance is the icing but love is the cake.”

Sugar Flower Cake ShopUrban ArabicaWhole Awe Cakes & MoreAverren Learning
Sweet Dreams BakeryStillWater CakesGrand North FrostingEncoren Floral
Tasty Treats Cupcake ShoppeSkip roots CakesNorthWind SurfMemory Beat Co.
The Cake Pop ShopLondon Cakes & MoresGreatBreakBlackhex Cakes
The Magic Oven CupcakesStreet DaysHappinHut Cakes & MoreSpadene Learning
The Twisted BakerCassa BlanchaOutWood EastMosson Floral
Totally BakedCakes YoungMIdTown FrostingSkill Eagle Co.
WhippedSplit Berry CakesFoodooStreetTenFold Cakes
Street EssenceUrbanTasty FrostingbetterWave Learning
Hot Rock CakesCakes CultureHenryQuest Cakes & MoreDevista Co.

And to bake a cake, you need both. Right! 

Cake Business Innovative Names
Cake Business Innovative Names

Do you know what else you need to make a cake business successful? 

A bombshell name for your cake factory/bakery, and some foolproof ways to advertise your business. We are starting off with some cake business names for you and the first list filled with catchy cake shop names for you. Cake Business Innovative Names

Roeser’s BakeryThe Sweet SpotJoyously Cake FrostingDangy Dist
Pastries So TastyThe Fluffy BunsBakoClapJolly Scoop Cakes
Oak Mill BakeryThe Memorable CakesMeltEclatMoonMist
Not Just CakesTaggerAdornArts Cake FrostingBregers Cakes
Naturally DeliciousSifted SweetsInfiniteEyes Cakes & moreFirstly Cakes
Mr. CakeGoldy GoodsBakoPillersMistberry
Miette CakesFirst happyCrownSenseTinyPop Cakes
Luscious Layers BakerySwissberry Cakes CompanySandyTwistUpwave
Let Them Eat CakeThe CakesmithTwoDudeRonosso Cakes
House of CakesMighty loftBakotaleFoonoon

And before moving onto some more cream filled cake companies’ names for you, it is time to understand how to strategize your cake business. 

Frosted Crown CupcakesTown CubeHot Orbin Cakes & MoreAlphaClap
Guilty Pleasures Cupcake ShopUrban GrindDivineTreatGift Rhythm
Homeland BakeryPurple SurpriseSlingBerry Cakes & MoreBig Jade Cakes
I Dream of CakeMOjo House CakesTempteva EatTreston Learning
Magic Batter BakeryBurberry BlastCustom Crell Cakes & MoreBluecap Cakes
Milk BarAwake AquaGreat Span FrostingSilvosafe Co.
Pearl BakeryCakes BellisreoPopping Pop Cakes & MoreSigmex Floral
Polka DotsWild Cakes & MoresUpperCrest FrostingEverlyn Learning
Sensational BitesOh CakesMorning MozoLeffis Co.
Sprinkles and SweetsCakes BitesWayMouth FrostingTrevia Square


  1. Benefit from efficient bakery related operations.
  2. Make the most out of your promotions and use social media, local media, discounts etc to spread and promote your shop.
  3. Be nice to your customers and always care for them by remembering their special occasions when they can need you help to make it more memorable one.
  4. Be ready for the holiday season. Remember to serve your best and make it a memorable one for each of your customers.
  5. Always serve fresh cake and make sure the cream doesn’t stink even a bit.
Gingersnap Sweets & Suchhappy EndingsYummlynOeniss Cakes
Flour Cake and PastryHoly GloryFlavyonMaxBelow
Dream Day CakesRise & RollBakoFiestaUttering Cone
Dream Cakesjust jack’sFlabbionSwirlyScoop
Cupcake CrazeSpring TapBlueFest Cake FrostingRapidly Cakes
Creative CakesThe North ParkFinlay Cakes & moreDreamon Cakes
Confetti CakesReal DiasyStaticBerry Cake FrostingDrippity Cakes
Cakes N ShapesSoft StellaTwigoTouch Cakes & moreBlueBriss Cone
Cakes Etc.FluenzeFlayelle ObeSpumoni Cone
Cake FactoryBelenissGoodTrailFuntail Cakes

Continuing with our hunt for cute business names, let’s see what more we have got for you.

Icing on the Top

Cake Companies Names

Cake Business Innovative Names
Cake Business Innovative Names

“A party without cake is just meeting.”

Don’t make your parties boring without some cakes, cookies and donuts. Add on some variety and give priority to the icing on the top.

So, we just got done with some marketing and branding, but we are yet to discuss google ranking

Cake Crumbsjust BloomOceanGrettSplitz candy
Cake AlchemyTwo BestLovinCoast Cake FrostingLocossi Cakes
Buttercup Cake ShopFruettaRossella Cakes & moreCherryZing
Beautiful CakesmarvellaBakoCrafterDelibely Cakes
Bake for Me.MoonFruitUndive CakesDelicasa
BabycakesSegment PieSinfull CakesUpperCrest
Ambrosia BakeryThe Cake bakerEpic Wonder Cake FrostingThe Waffle Cakes
Alliance Bakery & CafeThe Ultimate Cake zoneBakofrank Cake FrostingMaple Cakes
A Taste of HeavenTrott CakesFelacia Cakes & moreDream Spoon
A Cake OccasionThe Magma Cake CoCakesteMingSpontaneity

Google ranking basically means when you enter something on google and it goes through hundreds of billions of webpages in our search index to find the most popular, relevant, useful and best ranked results of business or anything that you are looking for, in a fraction of a second, and present them to you in order to satisfy your search.


And if you want your cake business to be in the top results of google rankings, you must follow certain things and do your work that will help your business get recognised. Starting with:

Butter LaneMood Lift CakesMidEast Cakes & MoreVertical Thread
Cake and ArtJane Cakes & MoreCrazyFrank Cakes & MoreWellJoy Co.
Cakes Etc.Stream StreetMayMade Cakes & MoreUrbenAble Learning
Crumbs Bake ShopImpressio CakesCandelBerryMerion Co.
Cupcake CrazeSteamy Cakes & MoreFoodCrossSuperex Learning
Cupcake WizardCakes MineDailyZest Cakes & MoreNorthHex Co.
Dream CakesRiverside CakesExperiya Cakes & MoreTagWeave Co.
Dream Day CakesJava Zest CakesTrebbo treeProsonn Floral
FirecakesPhress AromaFoodinFrinzSeltronn Floral
Flour Power CakeryGreen AcresJoyonJest Cakes & MoreMagma Learning
  1. Be consistent with the name and address of your business. don’t change it often.
  2. Keep your hours updated all the time. Make it convenient for the customers to reach or contact you.
  3. Write a catchy, relatable and attractive business description that brings up the brand value.
  4. Use a local phone number and the main number of your shop that is working and always available.
  5. Properly categorize your business. To understand this point, see the below-mentioned details. Cake Business Innovative Names
21 CupcakesCakes DimensionBungyBuddy Cakes & MoreSeenGreet
A Piece of Cake BakeryEgoEast CakesVibe Handel Cakes & MoreCrevent Learning
A’s Exquisite CakesCozy CocoUrbanLoft FrostingGifting Curves
Big Sugar BakeshopTemptressoFreshLayer Cakes & MoreFunloft Floral
Breads BakeryStill LatteWhiteFlag FrostingSpressio Co.
Cake and the City BakeryThe Cube ParlourJollyCrew Cakes & MoreZitton Learning
Cake Monkey BakeryHonest KingJust Eat it! FrostingSuperfence
Cakes N ShapesHot Rock CakesFoodMinute Cakes & MoreGreenCrest Co.
Colossal CupcakesCakes WellerBakedSense FrostingLyssa’s Cakes
Cubes Baking Co.Cakes WelsayDerben Daisy Cakes & MoreUptown Cakes

So, tell us , have you noticed, the importance of name here that you are about to give to your business to channelize your services and get recognized in the market.

Let us have a look at another cakes shop names list to get an idea of what your shop will sound like.

Molly’s CupcakesFrame of CakesBluGram CakesZompei Co.
Oak Mill BakeryRusty Hues CakesChillmart Cakes Dognoma Learning
Proof BakeryZest iromaCassex Cakes & CafeUpThread Learning
Regal CakeCakes FeatherTreboSmith CakesYummyDay Cakes 
Sensational Cakes and MoreMood TwistyUrbanClip Cakes & CafejackPine Cakes 
Sugar Mama’s CupcakesPronto FrontoGreyPick Cakes & CafeDoodle Cakes 
Sweet E’s Bake ShopSupreme Cakes & MoreBluejade CakesJavaTown Cakes 
The Bleeding Heart BakeryJoe Jazz CakesAlpheno CakesNorthern Lucy
The Cake ZoneBrewBeeUptown Cakes & CafeBlue Dangy
The Cupcake CravingUrba Cakes & More CakesAeronna CakesHappyHut Cakes

So, here’s your cakes business name ideas, enjoy reading them all!

And those were some short and sweet business names and now it time to know what all categories are available for you in this business.


Cake Business Innovative Names
Cake Business Innovative Names

You can opt your business type from so many options like;

  • home baking business, 
  • online treat sales, 
  • wholesale cookie sales, 
  • pastry chef service, 
  • bread making, 
  • cupcake shop, cookie sales, 
  • artisan donut shop, 
  • pie making,
  • candy making, 
  • gluten-free bakery, 
  • vegan bakery, organic bakery etc.

Just pick some options where you know you can excel and then just go with it. your cake shop will be a huge hit for sure.

Now let us have a look at some more names related information. Cake Business Innovative Names

The Cake Counter

Bake Me a Wishjoss CakesOlden Freun Cake FrostingTipTap Cakes
Brown Sugar BakeryFluokistColosso Cakes & moreMinima Cakes
Butter & ScotchMosstueBakoOvationNatuPick Cakes
Cake AlchemyGood Measurememory Seasonmesmer Cakes
Cake PowerCake FaceBako BoulevardFrubrite Cakes
Confetti CakesZeppoli CakeCandyMandyFunkist Cakes
Cupcake CreationsSlice of DreamsMottoPause Cake FrostingTreebon Cakes
Cupcakin’ Around!Better loftBakobrellaLeafkiss Cakes
Deep Sea Sugar and SaltGrisssom TwistBlueBrox Cakes & moreSunMoss Cake Making
Extraordinary DessertsSugar PlumsMarsChino Cake FrostingResistScoop Cake Making

Cute Business Names

Cake never asks me dumb questions. Cake understands. Just like cake never disappoints you and never asks dumb questions similarly we also understand your need for good bakery names.

So, here are some cake pop business names to provide you with more variety of titles for your cake counter.

The Elegant TruffleCentral PerkEliteCrewdefinitive Cakes 
The Sweet Fix BakeryThe Daily GrindSpringSensesweetDays
Tip-of-your-Tongue CupcakesThe Bux CakesCappaCaleCakesDangyDang Cakes 
We Take the CakeBuzzy Cakes & MoreTwentyCityThe Cakes ery
XOXO Cake PopsSmall Wonder CakesStarMore Cakes & CafeDelishly Cakes 
A Cake OccasionNaked Cakes & MoresKryoss CakesGoodGlaze
A Simple CakeMore Taste CakesSureScapeDayBreak Cakes 
BabycakesTruBit CakesNatureCurlGreat happy Cakes 
Baker & SpiceVibe Sip CakesUrbanAero CakesFirstDelight
Buttercup Cake ShopCrestMind CakesEasterly Cakes & CafeCravinCafe

How many of them have you shortlisted for your business name? 

We are pretty sure these cake shop names are stealing your heart and you cannot wait to crown one of them as you cake business’s official name. Cake Business Innovative Names

Cake Business Innovative Names
Cake Business Innovative Names

Also, it is crucial to have some SEO strategies before starting any business to secure your future.


Cakes Shop Names

 To make your cake business run long in the race you must:

Flour Cake and PastryCylesta CakesMayMasti Cake FrostingMayLizz Cakes
For Heaven’s Cakes!CakeberryBrownWavesDayWish
Frost Me Gourmetthe Cake WalkersBakoWishGonizz Cakes
Green GoodiesSweet SensationMoodFlip Cakes & moreGoodDream
Holy Cupcakes!Sweet YoungSwissTooth Cake FrostingTapps Cakes
House of CakesThe Great RollingRobbin’s Cakes & moreFlabbo Cakes
Indulge CupcakesThe BreadlineFunCurvesSunville Cake Making
Made in Heaven CakesBorn SweetMaddinMax Cakes & moreRealLoving
Milk Jar CookiesConfection CakesJazzFrostingMargonna Cake Making
Not Just CakesAbsolute PiesFoodCave FrostingFreezing Bay Cake Making
  1. Understand the contextual links that are going to help your business grow online. These are basically the links that you insert into specific words and phrases found in your webpage content so being relevant, catchy, easy simple etc, is easy to be found and recognised online.
  1. Think Like Google and act like a huge business. think and research before getting into action.
  2. Lastly, having choices in content cake is a very crucial thing to prioritise and keep in mind while advertising your cake business online using CEO.
The Rolling PinQuick Kaffe Semi Eater Cakes & MoreCrazyFiber Learning
The Sweet SideNorthSip CakesEasterlyn FrostingSensiflex Cakes
Top Tier TreatsVirgin SurpriseBlueHOuse Cakes & MoreRex Learning Cakes
Your Story CakesNeon CaffeEater DaisyWisemax Co.
Urban East CakesUnder 88 FrostingFregdex Learning
Catchy Cake Business NamesMore SurpriseForemost TasteEmbero Cakes
A Love for CakesCakes ElementsOpenBrookPosito Learning
Angel Food BakeryTaggl CakesFrosting Pixel FrostingDailySense Floral
BakedRed AromaGroundUp Cakes & MoreUppex Learning
Butter Cake ShoppeCaffe RovioAwake brewGoodBliss Floral

Some more cake worthy information is waiting for you below. Have a look! Cake Business Innovative Names

That Drool-Worthy Desert

Cake Business Innovative Names
Cake Business Innovative Names

Catchy Cake Shop Names

The cake is for life, not just for birthdays! So, your drool-worthy dessert aka cake is actually meant to eat on every day and not just on birthdays. Keeping that in mind, we have created another list for you.

Check out these cake brands names and give them an opportunity to serve you.

Cake BashNatureClap CakesBlueBay CakesWildOne Cakes 
Cakes of ParadiseMushMistMeltEclat CakesNorthWind Cakes 
Cobblers Cakes & KreamRoomberry CakesBlissBrite Cakes & CafeDrippinDuts
Come on in! Cupcake ShopNaturefest CakesCityWynk CakesmuskyRustic
Cupcake AddictsFunFlex CakesJoyJoss CakesDayGret Cakes 
Cupcake CoutureNutriMiller CakesTopCrownJavaYum Place
Cupcake JonesLiberton CakesElpron CakesBetterBake cafe
Cuppies & JoeAlphamateCityMinuteOutWood Cafe
Deja Vu CakesNatuerBytsFabCurves Cakes & CafeSnowDeer Cakes 
Eddie Bull Cupcake ShopGrowVilla CakesWillowWay CakesGrandNorth Cakes

Before concluding our cake business, we would like to tell you the importance of all the names that we have provided you.


Keeping in mind the purpose, reputation, and idea of your business, we have created each cake business name for you.

If you look at them all closely, every name has the capacity to define and run your business swiftly. But having a choice everywhere makes things easy and let us be the one who decides the fate of everything.

PURE CupcakesCrummiest DreamFoodong Cakes & MoreRipple Cakes
Simply DessertsThree Forks CakesFoodCrest  FrostingHelvenn Cakes
Sugar ShackThe Poss bakerFoodFestivaFundae fest Cake Making
Sugar Bliss Cake BoutiqueIt HappensFoodWave Cakes & MoreFlefty Cakes
Sweet Corner BakeshopKustom Cakes & moreDIngDong  Cakes & MorePeccollo Cakes
Tastebud Temptation CupcakesHillberry CakesBrown CrunchEnglishberry
The Art of CupcakesAncient SipFrameFlip Cakes & MoreOrangebit Cakes
The CravoryMemorellaUpDegree FrostingFunnista Cakes
The Cupcake CrazeWhite SurpriseMotiveSpace Cakes & MoreHappyString
The Frosted FoxCakes StreetAha MomentsBlackAce Co.

So, take your time and see which particular name do you want to be associated with your company and give it the popularity, growth, success and achievement that you are looking for.


Branding, marketing, strategizing, planning, acting, deciding, there’s a lot that goes into establishing a business and a suitable name is also one of them.Knowing how and what to do and keeping a list of all the essentials with you reduces your stress and saves your time and hard-work from being spent on wrong or unnecessary things.

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