Are you all set to launch your new candle business but stuck between different candle company names that perfectly describe your business? Well, we got you!

Starting a candle business is one of the easy fields to get into, but because of this benefit, many entrepreneurs get attracted here! So, it’s very understandable how a name plays a great role in making your company first in the race!

This article will provide you with a whole range of candle business names, scent ideas, and many more so that no limitation is left in your business. So, let’s get started!


Naming a candle company is not as easy as making a candle, hence your efforts and skills in selecting the right name matters so much! Now Onwards, get ready to get rid of the question: how do I name my candle company? Some ideas regarding naming your candle business are:

  1. You can name your candle business in relation to the state your business is based in. Any significant word that represents your state could also work. Simple nature state candles could be an inspiration.
  1. Candles are an escape from a stressful life we lead. Hence, happiness is something that your product should guarantee. Funky candle names would take care of this worry! What else better than people enjoying both funny candle names as well as the scent of your candle!
  1. Select a suitable label for your candles and merge your label and candle’s aesthetics to form a new name. All you need is some good candle label ideas to go through, and then name your business after your label!

All these exclusive ideas will get your candle company name rocking! Have a look at these catchy names for the candle business chosen for you!


Waxjack candleSerenity ScentsKnight GlowStar Candle
Illume CandlesSmells GoodLiving Flame CandleSwan Creek Candle
Lighter candleCandelariaMadewellThe Flaming Candle
Candelvana CandlesDany & SonsMilkhouse Candle Co.The Very Good Candle Company
Sweet Breath CandlesPurple BroomMore Than a CandleVirginia Aromatics
Mountain Lux CandlesCandle LightCollective CandleWax and Beyond
A Little CandleWishful BlazePaddywax Candle BarWax Quest
Brite ShineWonderful WicksProsperity CandleWell Whirl Candles
Glowquest candleGolden flame candleRoot CandlesAmple Bow Candle Co.
The Crafty CandleVoluspaSensibility CandlesArchipelago Botanicals
Rainbow candleHoliday CandlesHome GlowBullfrog Candles
Face Body SoulEco GloVillage CandleStarlight
PotterwyxSwan CreekSerenity CandlesCandle Cabinets
Soy Works CandleHerbs & ArtsSoy SereneClassy Twist
Wicky Flame CandleGood nightIncredible CandlesStinky
Bright light candleFabulous candleHigh flair candleMaking Scents
Soft SerenityKai & CoFlourishing FlamesP.F. Candle Co.
Trusted TwinkleCandle CaddyFoggy NotionStar Brite Illuminations
Lights on candleCandle EnchantmentMulti-brand candleMake Scents
Two GuysFlickerKandlestixGlow Home

Through this names list, you may pick out what appears the most appealing to you!

Now, a very important part of a candle is its scent name! Let’s have some understanding about them.



The sale of your candles also depends upon the kind of scents you sell. Just like interesting candle names, you need to have good scent names that fascinate your audience! Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Everyone loves fruit. So, giving the scent a fruity name wouldn’t hurt your business.
  1. Candles scents are about its aesthetic and alluring nature. Hence, even if you think of celestial names d&d-based names, it’s all good! In fact, resonating your theme related to space and galaxies or dragons will have its own charm!
  1. A good fragrance is an extension of freshness and positivity. Hence, a scent name can be attributed with adjectives related to nature, positive atmosphere etc.

These tips will help you a lot in naming your candle scents! But it’s never wrong to go over some samples. The table down below will provide you with some amazing names for candles scent.


Lil’ FlickersStinky Candle CompanyCandle CradleAroma Candles
Love & AestheticsStone CandlesScentLoveMoonlight candle
Lovely LightsThe Candle CarversCandle CaddyBrighter candle
Magic MoonThe CandlestickThe Melted CandleEnlightenment candle
Modern CandleTime & AgainCandle CoveMagic glow candle
New Flame CandlesVision CandlesThe Captivating CandleRainbow candle
Pink Cupcake Candle Co.Vivente CandlesCandle CaveLife-light candle
RejuvenationWax BlingFantasy CandlesStar candle
Rustic Candle Co.White BarnCreative CandlesBedwax candle
Scents n MoreZip Pop Candle Co.Holiday CandlesFlame wax candle
Nature’s Breeze CandlesSweet Breath CandlesCandle CreationsIncredible candle
Candle LoveCandle EnchantmentScentJoyFireflair candle
The Scented CandleClassy CandlesColorful CandlesGood night candle
Homestead CandlesCandle JoyJoy ScentsWaxwenky candle
Waxy WondersClassic CandlesClever CandlesSweet dream candle
Creative CandlesSerenity CandlesJoy CandlesWaxmax candle
Candle CreationsCity CandlesCandle KidsHeziglow candle
The Unique CandleDark Room CandlesSet The MoodKnight glow candle
The Perfect CandleShadowlight CandlesKandle KidsUnique candle
The Crafty CandleCandle ConnectionRomance CandlesBedtime candle
Interesting candle names

This much variety is enough to get an idea of what is expected out of you while thinking of a scent name!

But what about those who are planning to open small businesses? Well, this article got you guys covered! Let’s see how.


For every small business, its name plays a vital role in making it up to the top ones. Therefore, all you need to work on is the name you choose and in no time, you will rise up to top-level companies.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Since all your candles will be homemade, you can highlight the homemade aspect in your name.
  1. Another unique idea would be to portray some qualities of your candles. For instance, you can divert customer’s attraction to candle’s durability, fragrance, colour, or the vibe it gives through the name
  1. Many opt naming their candle making business after the standard raw material they use. This is also a good option that you can go for.

Applying these tips, you will surely be able to think of a brilliant name for your small business! For an easy start, have a look at these sample candle company names.


Flame & WaxAroma NaturalsEarth ScentsSwan Creek
Lil’ FlickersAromatic FillersFabulous FlameBeeswax
Pink CupcakeBeeswax Candle Co.Face Body SoulVirginia Aromatics
StinkyBow and Arrow CandlesFlame & WaxCandelvana
Candle WarmersBullfrog CandlesFoggy NotionKai & Co.
Dreams & RainbowsCandle CoutureGrace DirectF. Candle Co.
Fragrance De-LiteCandle PlaceHello SpringTopanga
MistyCircle ShadowHerbs & ArtsBridgewater Candles
The LuckyCitizen SupplyIlluminax CandlesContinental
Brite ShineCupcake Candle Co.Incredible CandlesGreat Bear Wax Co.
Classy TwistFlame GameGentle GlowPurple Broom
Feather and WaxWick PickCandle CollectiveStarlight
Living FlameWax WorksGolden FlamesBright Glow
Yo Soy CandleElegant RadianceTime to TwinkleDiamond Creek
BeartoothWaxy WondersFlickerMia Bella
Candle LightClassic CandlesFlameCastShorties
Wooly WaxSensuous SmellsCandle ConnectionUrban Burn
Foggy NotionWicks n’ MoreWax n’ WicksHope’s Mystic Scents
Grace DirectCandle KingsGlowQuestThings that Make Scents
Hello SpringClever CandlesGlowry CandlesRejuvenation
candle business name generator

All these names are curated for a small business like yours to become a top candle companies.

If you are still having doubts, then go for a candle business name generator! These will provide you a name specially designed according to your instructions and you will be done in seconds!

Now let’s gather some information about making candles!


what is the best candle brand

Do you ever wonder what is the best candle brand and why? What makes their business dify except for their extraordinary name? It’s their creativity through which they curate their candles! Therefore, to shine like them, here are some candle-making ideas that are totally out of the box!

  1. Try being open to new variety of candles like gel candles, funfetti candles, ice candles etc
  1. Adapt recycling candles. Use products that can be recycled and use them for making candles. This would give an eco-friendly approach to your business!
  1. For decoration purposes, make use of spices like peppercorns, cinnamon sticks. One can also use flowers, dry leaves too!

These tips would help you improve the quality of your product; hence your service would be more trusted and appreciated! For more inspiration, you can visit these candle brand names mentioned in the table down below and gain some useful insights by visiting their pages!


Ashman Candle CompanyCrusader Candle Co.Candle WaveHomefront Candles
Big Dipper Wax WorksDazzle Berry CandlesCandles BurningHouse of Intuition
Bowes Signature CandlesEternal Light Candle Co.Classy TwistImage Glow
Brite Shine Candle Co.Feather and WaxAmple Bow Candle Co.Decocandles
Candle CottageFlame Candy Candle Co.Archipelago BotanicalsDiptyque Candles
Candle CrewFragrant JewelsAthenian Candle Co.EarthGlo
Candle FlicksHeaven Scent It Candle Co.Botanica RenacerFour R Candles
PacificaVoluspaBrookstone CandleGel Candles
PartyLiteWaxxy & Co.Budd + FinnGurley Candle Company
PotterwyxYLC CandleCandelariaHome Sick
Skye CandleAlchemy Arts OccultCandelvana CandlesHudson Grace
Superlyn Candle Co.Bee Healthy CandlesCandlewicIllume Candles
Thumbwick CandlesBliss NationCoco BellaKai & Co. Candles
ThymesBridgewater CandlesDadany & SonsKandlestix
Topanga Candle CompanyBright Lights Candle Co.Our Own Candle CompanyKorona Candles
Two GuysCandle Cave Candle Co.Purple Broom CompanyLAFCO Candles
CandlefishCandle DeliriumScentsationalsMystic Harbor
Circle E CandlesKeystone CandlesSeawicksBlue Mercury
Continental Candle Co.Laguna CandlesShining Sol Candle CompanyThe White Barn Candle
Desert SageLucca Great FindsSimple Body ProductsUnearth Candles

Now, all the ideas and samples are right in front of you! So, what are you waiting for? Start working now towards your dream candle-making business!


  1. How to start a candle business?

The foremost step would be to decide the type of candles you want to make, then procuring the wax and other stuff needed. You don’t need big investments! Start making candles, manufacturing them, and selling them at a small level! Gradually, your business will catch up!

  1. How to make candle at home for business?

Follow these steps:

  • Melt soy wax and add some drops of essential oil in it
  • Use little wax to anchor wicks at the bottom of jar and tape it in upright position using a pen
  • Pour the wax into jar until full
  • Let it solidify and then cut the wick according to your preference!

           And phew! It’s done.

  1. How do I know the language of the candles flame I use?

Here are some popular notions regarding the meaning behind a candle flame!

  • Blue flame indicates presence of a spirit
  • Tall strong flame is a sign that you will be able to deal with any problem you conquer in life
  • Dancing flame indicates resistance
  • A popping flame is a negative sign.
  1. How do I make my candle business stand out?

If you really want your business to stand out, use the best of social media to promote your work. Be consistent in what you do. Choose a powerful name and be patient with the results!

  1. What is the most popular candle company?

It is safe to say that Yankee candles are the most popular candle company


To summarise, it’s pretty clear that you need to give a lot of thought while selecting the perfect name for your candle company! With all the tips and tricks in hand, you will surely get a dream name for your business! So, get your gears up and kickstart the hunt for the perfect name! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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