Launching your media company soon? Bet you are looking for a fantastic name for this great start! Well, we got your back in providing you with some cool media company name ideas.

In recent times, there has been a sudden rise in media companies as many youngsters have developed their interest in advertising and content publishing. Hence, to be seen in this huge crowd, the name of your company will be the most important factor for you to prosper!

There is no need to panic as this article will provide you with wholesome ideas regarding naming your media-related company, the connection of name and logo, and much more! So let’s get started!


Given the above points, you must be clear on how much importance a name carries! To make an impact, out-of-the-box ideas are needed! Let’s gain some insights regarding it:

  1. Media company names in India mostly include themselves in their names. Although this technique is a bit worn out, if you happen to have a very unique and curious name, you can go for it!
  1. Field of media is endless! You can be apt and just name your company after the service your company undertakes to prevent confusion among customer’s minds and save their time!
  1. Often a company is a venture of two partners, so why not select a name including yours and your partner’s surname! This would give a very professional aspect to your company.

These general ideas will help you a lot while deciding on a business name for a media company. Here are some catchy media names for you to take some inspiration!


Total MediaBusiness ReporterInfinity Media InvestmentsDigital Destination
Immediate NewsGeneration MediaOcean Driven MediaSimplified Solutions
The Media CompanyLifestyle LocationsClockwork Digital MediaDigital Authority Partners
Red BeePrinciples MediaStrategic Media CompanyMedia Vest Group
Social Media MarketingScripps NetworksEarth Life MediaEasy Social Media
Global EntertainmentImpression Digital MediaOutdoor NetworkImage Centre Group
Ocean MediaThe Everyday AgencyBlackstone Digital MediaReach Media
Complete ControlOcean OutdoorMulti Choice MediaFairfax Digital
Medialab GroupDigital Cinema MediaPerform MediaUprise Digital
Lion TelevisionSee All MediaFirst Nations MediaMedia Tracking
Clear CrystalCoast ProductionsTrending MediaCulture Machine Media
Global RadioGraphiss MediaEssential MediaCoconut Media Box
Play Sports NetworkClear ChannelDigital NextOpen Circle
Future PublishingDreambox StudioEssential Media CommunicationsBlue Sky Agency
Media CampaignSparky AnimationSplitscreen ProductionsTopLine Media Group
Ascential EventsThe Perfect Media GroupLion Media GroupClear Choice Media
Loudmouth MediaParadise MediaOpinion MediaPrimal Screen
Global Cycling NetworkActiva MediaFresh Focus MediaFull Media
Infinity Digital HubTarget MediaOptimization MediaCreative Approach
Twist MediaVenture CommunicationsTrue MediaGlobal Media Track

All these samples were just a kickstart to what is expected out of you! Now, let’s see how to proceed in social media-related companies!



Practically, everyone spends half of their day on social media! Everyone loves exploring new inventions related to it, so there is a high chance if you give your full to your company, it might grow! So here are some tips for you to find a perfect name for your social media company to bloom!

  1. Try to induce attributes of chatting, socialising, tweet etc in your business name since social media is all about these things!
  1. You can also go for naming it after some trend being viral on social media. This will show your company is up to date and would attract more profile visits!
  1. The combination of media names and logos never goes old! You can merge these two in a creative way to make it seem more funky!

A name inspired by these tips would surely blow everyone’s mind! To help you out, look at these sample social media company names!


Blue Sky AgencyVenture CommunicationsStraight StrategyAscential Events
lyfe marketingAngrynestAngry ChannelsChatvibe
Avvio SocialMadMania AdvertisingFrigooByte Burst media
VybInGraphiss MediaCulture Machine MediaOuter Route
MusicjunkiesImpression Digital MediaMedia Education FoundationTurbotex
Media CrunchTacoMasters AdvertisingBruDell AdvertisingEnmosis Media
EliteChampImpression MediaMott MediaThe Melting Media
MakersbergSocial Media AdvancedRaspberry mediaWhiteMax
The Perfect Media GroupUprise DigitalNumbers MediaBuzz Envelope
Social Duster MediaDigital Authority PartnersMediaWorksMedia Campaign
FaschatSocial Media MarketingImmediate MessagesLearn Social Media
Snap MediaDigital Pyramidpaper CrowdEqual Shares
Viable WorldSocial SituationDiSeedSuperCool Advertising
Target MediaMulti Choice MediaInterActive DaysJust Semantics
Xtra MileHeyBro AdvertisingNew MediaSocial Gossip
Create for the CrowdsEssential MediaSocial RouteRed Lava
GreatWrightFusionary MediaMedia SyndromeSocial Status
Movie FactsThe TapFISHBAT MEDIASnappy tap
Full MediaPurple PromotionsPlanetzoneSocial Hence
Tips from MarcusMedia TempleTrue Media ConsultingBreeoFly Media

All these names are specialized according to a social media company. If still, you can’t get to a conclusion, opt media company name generator for more customized and appropriate names!

What about news companies? Well, let’s see!


Naming your news company the right way is the key to its success. Hence, you need to be very effective here! But, we won’t let you mess up! Follow these simple tricks to rock the name you choose!

  1. Foremost task is to figure out whether you want a local daily base or national base, that can be the first basis as to how to name it.
  1. Since your company will be all about imparting knowledge and spreading awareness , such values can be highlighted too.
  1. If your news company is specific to some field, be it sports, economy, legal issues, you can name your company accordingly!

All these tricks are the perfect rescue for you! To have more clear perception, have a look at this table containing unique news company names.


White Rock MediaSyolo Surf marketingMedialab GroupOld School Socials
Outdoor NetworkStatic Savvy MediaSocialjocksTenderWolf Advertising
Opinion MediaBrand BuildersSee All MediaCount the Clock
Media MakerFounding PlatformCosmix PixelThe Real Social Media
The Media GuysSocial News NowQontent MediaSocioForce
The Luxury NetworkPost Now!Loyal ListenersSocial Sounds
Socy SpotWhite LighthouseGlobal RadioBuzzrepublic
SixtySecondsWave Gum Social ConsultantKeenGreatPillowGlider
YapbeatHearsay MediaOlympusonlineStarPoint
Outreach MediaBestQuestCopycat MediaTruffleberry Advertising
Complete ControlPost For YouNonaPearlAbleyupp Media
Media Research Center Inc.Elemental TeamTangeirinMedia Mediums
Media MailLion Media GroupToochatShare Fair
Skinny Otter AdvertisingMedia GenerationNexusBee marketingLike Us
Picture of ParadiseBOUCHER + CO.Opaque ClinchThe Social Club
SociaVenturesSocial Media MavensMosher Media Inc.SpiritStride
Said On SocialSooZooOlive MediaMojoWear
Vibrant MediaThe Social armRaptAttentionAlbertSky Advertising
Free Thinkers MagazineShared To AllAscend Integrated Media LLCGlacier Communications
Market chatSparky AnimationRead and ReachAdvengiss

Now you have both tricks and examples for your comfort! So start the hunt for your news company name now!

A very important company left to cover is the content-based companies. Let’s get right into it!



Naming your content company can be a tricky one to pass through! But with the right idea and techniques, you can derive the perfect name for your company! So, let’s get a sight into those techniques:

  1. Emotional appeal is the strongest tool to connect people to your company. If you add emotional values in your name resonating with what benefits your company will provide, this can prove very beneficial to you!
  1. Your name should also be associated with the variety of content and the origin of your services.
  1. If you want to take things to the next level, then you can also go for selecting a name totally unrelated, just a fun short abbreviation. This approach is more welcoming and would make your company more approachable!

Therefore, by keeping these insights in mind, select your name with utmost care. Here are some content company names that you might like!


Red Rusty AdvertisingFreesby FrogFake RumorsAllied Media Projects Inc.
Say It LoudStepStrongShare ShareThe MoonShine Marketing Co.
Century Media RecordsThe Marvel Of SocialsSocialliantFit Traveler
uncle UniverseGood AntsSocial SnapInsta News
Analysis ArticulatedSocialBumpWebFxSocial Sharing
Splitscreen ProductionsSocial OptionsAllover Media Inc.HUNTER
Media FiltersShout It SocialInfluence MeElite
HELP GOODOut On this TownDreambox StudioMediaShades
Maverick MediaSwissTwinCrispy Click AdvertisingTellus
Media SharingSocial AnnouncementBeyond artsUrbanWood
Link DrumJUmpingWheelEver Drag MediaImmediate News
Massive Impact MediaClear Choice MediaGlobal Media TrackDolce Surge
Tap chatNew Media ConsortiumInterActiveSpecific Media
The AmendEverywhere AgencyMediaSpruce AdvertisingDummy Bird
Total MediaPre appsXuber MediaMonospace
Media some AdvertisingMedia Cybernetics Inc.SocialiteSimplified Solutions
Nirvana. BoneJolt MediaChat nowErandchat
Scripps NetworksNeoDriveSocial EtsyRun Me, My Followers
Rapid ResponseSocial GeekDeclare ItAffinitus
Reaching EarsDigital DesignsSocial Media MediumsArtconnect

Now it’s time to explore all these options and think of the name that suits your company and its virtues. With all the help provided in this article, it won’t be that difficult. So go kill it!


  1. What should I name my social media team?

Media team names differ from person to person. Some prefer a professional name, some a fun cool name. So it totally depends upon your choice of which aspect you want to choose! Both are wonderful options to go for, all you need to take care of is the technique you imply and that’s it!

  1. What are media company names generator?

Media company names generator are a blessing to get an amazing name for your company! With a single click, you can get hundreds of names in seconds! All these names are customized according to your choices and they are very convenient to use. If you really want your business name to excel, then do consider these!

  1. What are the different types of media companies to start?

Media companies in demand nowadays include advertising, news, broadcasting, print publishing, digital media, content publishing, social media related. Others include movies, television, video games, etc.

  1. What are some tips to form a catchy business names?

Well, the combination of professionalism and the funky catchy name sounds bizarre, but is a unique approach! So here are some tips to follow:

  • Use foreign words , giving your business name a rich style.
  • Mix and match letters and font styles to make it catchy!

  Also, Follow all the tips and tricks that we stated above and you are good to go!

  1. What is my media company identity?

A company identity is a unique look of your company that includes its logo, name, slogan it follows, and functions that make it differ from other companies out there.


To summarise, as any other company or business, a media-based company also requires a good name for maintaining its reputation! It is the soul of your organization. Henceforth, careful measures need to be taken while naming your company!

But for you, we have lessened the work! All these provided samples and tips would cater to your need for a good name! So start thinking for a name using the material provided! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose!

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