Are you a budding entrepreneur thinking of opening your own pharmacy? But stuck in the phase of searching for good medical shop names?

Well then now, your hunt is over!.

This article will get you all covered regarding everything you need to know before you name your very own pharmacy!

A unique name helps your business to stand out among today’s wide competition. A name forms the first impression of your shop. Irrespective of whether the business is small or big, the name becomes one of the key sources for your business’s reputation.

Therefore, it is clear how vital it is to select a good name for your shop.

This article is a solution to all your worries. You will get to know different names for pharmacy, tips to keep in mind while naming your shops, and much more! Let’s hop right into it!


Giving a name to your shop can surely be a burdensome task!

Hence, ensuring the quality of the name is a foremost task. Considering the same, here are some quality tips for you to have some cool medical names for your shop, whether it’s a pharmacy, healthcare company, medicine/ chemist shop.

Tips To Follow To Name Your Shop


Short and easy-to-remember names are always a good pair! This will portray your values towards your business in minimal words. Furthermore, quirkiness will give it an extraordinary approach!


Try to inspect your challenger’s business name. Examine the facts that make their name stand out in the market. This will also help you a lot in making future business strategies.


There is nothing wrong with asking for advice from someone more experienced. This way, you can get your hands on many exotic names that you might not be able to think of yourself!

By applying these small tricks, you can make wonders while deciding on an appropriate name. Here below are some medical shop names, pharmacies that might prove useful for you!

Trendy Medical Shop Names

24hrs Medical storeLifeline Medical storeOrigin Medical shopAssure Pharmacy
Medicine HouseABC PharmacyEmergency Medical storeHealthDirect
MedlineAll cure medical houseDay and Night MedicareDowntown Pharmacy
New Chemist cornerGrand Health PharmacySafe life medical hallPill Pack
Park PharmacyGreen zone PharmacyCamp Care PharmacyMediserv
Crossroad PharmacyAsterix PharmacyBlue PharmaWalgreens
Express PharmacyGoodLife PharmacyNational PharmacyBest Care Medical
Pharma BestPharmacy AllianceHomeland PharmacyGenovese Drug Store
Street PharmacyNorth-South PharmacySunray PharmacyRxtra
Best Care PharmacyEast-West PharmacyHealth Prime PharmacyStanley’s Pharmacy
Med Chemist HouseIndo Burma Chemist HallNational Chemist CornerRecovery Door
New Chemist HallAll new Chemist CornerCentral Chemist ShopIDL Drug Stores
District Chemist CornerBrighton Chemist HallInternational Chemist HouseEastlake Pharmacy
Silverspoon Chemist HallCrystal Chemist HallNation Chemist CornerMedEasy living
Red Cross Chemist HallArrow Chemist CornerNew Life Chemist StoreHealthy Floyds
Station Medical HallFirst-Aid Medical ShopFast cure medical shopSand Point Pharmacy
Hudson MedicalIvan MedicalAdam Medical StoreUrgent Pharmacy
Sevak MedicalClose Street MedicalDrug Loft MedicalCapsule
Health MartHealth First CentreCentre of Health treatmentLifezest
Health Care CentreCentre of Diagnosis and CareAlternative HealthcareHealth Element Medical
Safe Home Health CentreHome Health Way CompanyPasteur Health CarePeople Choice Pharmacy
All Safe Healthcare CentreValley of Recovery Healthcare CentreHealth is Wealth Healthcare CompanyIntegra Pharmacy
Safe Hand Healthcare CentreChild Healthcare CentreMax Health LabIvan Pharmacy
Express Medical shopGreen Earth Medical ShopWesterly Medical shopKeystone Pharmacy
On-call MedicsHope Medical StoreNight watch Medical StoreNeighborcare

So, these were some of the names that would go for anything.

If you are looking for a more specific approach towards naming pharmacies and medicine shops, then this next section will make you happy!



Opening a pharmacy is one of the most profitable businesses of all time because it never goes out of hand! But with great profit comes great responsibilities! One of them happens to name your pharmacy!

You must always wonder, How do I name my pharmacy?

It is very important to harness the right way to select the name as good names will attract a lot of people to your pharmacy, generate brand loyalty, more and more people being aware of it!

 Let’s see how!

  1. Envision your values of what do you expect from this business? This would provide you some useful insights.
  2. Try to find some attributes that would relate perfectly to your store and the material you sell.
  3. Be aware of the market you are about to step in. This would help you to find that one feeling you want your pharmacy name to portray!

In the sight of these tips, you are good to go! 

Here are some unique name ideas for specifically an independent pharmacy!

Interesting Pharmacy Name List

Atlas Medical HouseNew Era Medical StoreLife Check Medical HallKings Pharmacy
Modern Health Medical HallNew Life medical shopPlanet Health Medical StoreRandalls Food & Drug
Grace Medical HallAsclepius Medical StoreBio plus Medical HallGood Neighbor Pharmacy
Essential MedicaLife-Saving Drug StoreMedicinal RequisiteMediCrest
Vista Medical StorePaul Medical HallIndiana MedicaModern Health Point
Vista Medical StorePaul Medical HallIndiana MedicaRejuvva Drugs
Life Light Medical ShopIndica Medical storeBest Medical HousePavilions Pharmacy
Day and Night Medical HallAll Cure Medical HomeEverton Medical HallHeart Medical Shop
Best Care PharmacyDivine Path Pharmacy278 PharmacyMarsh Drug Store
Healthy PharmacyMediGoodDuane ReadePride Pharmacy
Generation PharmacyPharmSquare90th Street PharmacyGen Prescription
Medilane PharmacyBeSure PharmacyAvalon ChemistsGastroen Diagno
Grand HealthMediCrestIvan PharmacyMedify
Center PharmacyRebirth PharmacyDrug LoftHahnemann Medico
ABC PharmacyGraceSpaceAlpina Pharmacy INCPharma Foundation
Arrow PharmacyRyte PharmacyPharmacy ChannelMediGood
Kings PharmacyFileServeAll Health PharmacyIHC Pharmacy
CapsuleTruHope PharmacyRoyal Care PharmacySyngex Drugs
New London PharmacyBrennen Drugs CoBuy-Rite PharmacyAtlas Drugs
Stanley’s PharmacyCherry Street PharmacyPeople Choice PharmacyDrug Blend
PasteurCity Drug18 Pharmacy IncRevco Discount Drugs
MixlabEastlake PharmacySkylineMaplewood Pharmacy
Windsor PharmacyLyfe PharmacyXpress Lane PharmacyGeneration Pharmacy
Downtown PharmacyMediservPharmacy DirectCherry Street Pharmacy
WalgreensOmnicareCare Pharmacy HastingsNuCare Pharmacy

Hope these many samples have given you enough ideas to brainstorm about your very own name now!

Now let’s head over to understand some healthcare company names ideas.


Nowadays, the healthcare industry is necessary for our survival. Setting up a healthcare company is not as simple as it seems.

Lack of the right marketing strategy can lead to blunders! But don’t worry, we got your back.


Setting up online websites can fuel your growth to the next level. This will make it more convenient for your audience to reach out to you!

Advertise your company through radios, television for people to become aware of it.

Ask for feedback from previous patients and improve your limitations. Another important aspect yet again is the business name!

But how is it related to marketing strategies?

  1. Your company name will enable the audience to see your business prospects and strategies. Hence a right combination of words with your values holds a very important role in the marketing field.
  1. The name would be the first outset for your great start. In the marketplace, names that are memorable and catchy hold importance. It becomes the first factor to attract customers and collaborations.
  1. Healthcare company name is completely different from a medicine shop name.

Don’t overuse names that explain a little too much. Your name should reflect the outcome it will give to its users.

Give it a name that values your company!

With these tips in mind, you will never fail to resonate your company name with the correct marketing strategy.

Here is an optimum list of names created keeping in mind the market and targeted audience!

Medicine Shop Name List

aros PharmacyPavilions PharmacyLife PharmacySkyline
NuCare PharmacyCentral RxNet PharmacyShopify Drug
Hudson SquareCrossroadsMedicines To MidnightWindsor Pharmacy
Thriftway PharmacyFriends & Family PharmacyHealth ChemistHealthy Floyds
JosephNorthwest PharmacyLittle SproutDahls Pharmacy
Healthy FloydsOutpatient PharmacyUrgentRefillWise
Rite AidPharma BestBuller PharmacyBrenta
Med-X DrugPharmanicAllergy PharmacyReliable Pharmacy
Vista PharmacyPremier Long Term Care PharmWellworksFlorrax
Publix PharmacyNewday Drug StoreBlackstone Medical IncMed-X Drug
Pharmacy PartnersPacific MedicalPrecision Surgical IncCare Pharmacy Hastings
Alliance CommunityPharma FirstElijah StawickiAvalon Chemists
Wellness CraftPharmacy AllianceCornerstone Hosp Of Southeast AZMobiFast Pharma
Sand Point PharmacyDiscount DrugsPharmacy Management CorpGem Drugs
Cedra PharmacyExpress Food & PharmacyEdit TrixPharmacy Direct
Rocky’s DrugFirst Hill PharmacyWest Shore PharmacyHopify Pharma
Dakota DrugGem DrugsPotomac Valley Pharmacy IncRoyal Care Pharmacy
Below DrugSimple MedsDrug World Of Cold Springs LlcDan Kennelly
Pride PharmacyThe Pill ClubPo Box 33ABC Pharmacy
Health ElementThe Rx AdvocatesMedia Management GroupMedilane Pharmacy
Smart PharmacyTru ScriptExperts Pharmacy NJ IncRobust pharmacy
Keystone PharmacyHealth WarehouseOscarcorpFamily Fare Pharmacy
Drug BlendHealthDirectFollansbee PharmacyHealth Warehouse
refillsMedImpactCentral PharmacyIngles Markets
Pill PackAAA Hospital WarehouseWilkinsonWellbeing Component

Through this names list, you may pick out what sounds the most favorable to you!

Now, it’s time to gain some useful insights regarding naming medicinal stores!



Not everyone dreams of opening a big pharmacy or a wellness center, some people want to open small chemist shops too! But that doesn’t stop you from being creative in naming your shop. The name proves vital in all cases!

Hence, now you need to ponder over the perfect chemist shop names on a smaller scale. Let’s see how!

  1. Choose something captivating that instantly attracts customers.
  2. Don’t complicate the name too much that it becomes beyond understanding
  3. Always check if the name you have decided on is available or not and avoid repetitive names.
  4. Avoid names that are totally irrelevant with your products.

All you have to do is to apply these tricks while searching for a name! The table down below will suggest names for medical stores that you might like!

Medical Shop Name List

Foundation CareAblecareBrighton PharmacyAlly Scripts
Confidential DrugAccuffyEvent MessagingBuy-Rite Pharmacy
Bioplus SpecialtyAdjuvaCovermarkSmart Pharmacy
Ally ScriptsAdvantage Home Health ServicesAlbertson’SDaniels Pharmacy
Grand MedicineAlego HealthcomMartin Hedler
Prescription HopeAlert TransportationRx USALaws Charleston Drugs Inc
First PharmacyAll Aboard Medical TransportMelrose Pharmacy IncBeeline Medical Transport
Planet HealthAllenton Medical DevicesEconomy DrugBetter Quest
Beyond HealthAlpha CrewBaya PharmacyBlue Line Health Care Co.
Reliable PharmacyAltiusThe Crystal ShoppeFamily Drug Mart
Community PharmacyAmicusNeighborhood PharmacyLives have Pharmacy
Good Neighbor PharmacyArmadale CapitalApple Discount DrugsConcord Pharmacy
Life PharmacyMixlabPublix PharmacySmart Recovery Point Pharmacy
MedEasy livingWellwiseGeneration PharmacySimple Meds
NutricoMaplewood PharmacyPill PackCedra Pharmacy
Lifeshave PharmacyRecovery DoorPharma BestThe Pill Club
Human care and beyondFriends & Family PharmacyABC PharmacyNet Pharmacy
Arrow PharmacyAtlas DrugsFamily Drug MartTrulyEffecto Pills
Care Community Pharmacy90th Street PharmacyDaily Deliver PharmaShopify Health
UrgentAlliance CommunityRecovery CornerACME Pharmacy
Express Food & PharmacyIvan PharmacyAlly ScriptsAllergy Pharmacy
Gen PrescriptionJosephAll Health PharmacyPharmacy Partners
Pharma StreetRobust pharmacyDakota DrugGiant Eagle, Inc.
Globe PharmacyNorthwest PharmacyThriftway PharmacyMobile Doctor and Medico
Avalon ChemistsWellness CraftIntegra PharmacyBuller Pharmacy

Now you will have a clear mindset while deciding on a name by previewing tons of options we provided!

Make a checklist and shortlist the most suitable name patiently!


  1. How can I start a medical shop?

If you are planning to open a medical shop, you require at least 10 square meters of area and fulfill all the necessities like tax registration, land registration, registration for a drug license, etc. Only after that, you would be eligible.

  1. What degree do I need to open a medical store?

If you have a diploma in Pharmacy after completing your 12th class in the science stream, you are good to go!

  1. What is the minimum investment required?

Well, it depends! If you open a medical store in a village/town, then the investment is about 3 to 4 lakhs. On the contrary, for metropolitan cities and urban areas, it can go up to 8 lakhs and more.

  1. Can I rent my pharmacy license?

Renting a registration certificate to someone just like that is considered illegal. Hence don’t indulge in that!

  1. What is the profit margin in pharmacy?

If you open a pharmacy, it’s pretty profitable. Margin ranges from 15% up to 26%. Even after providing discounts, you will get a minimum 15% profit margin!


To summarise, A catchy unique name holds a lot of importance for a successful business. It can be tricky, but now it’s pretty sure that you are going to rock this phase of naming your shops, pharmacies by going through all these names suggested. Keep all the tips in mind and give it your best shot! Hope this article fulfilled your purpose!

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