499+Record Label Name Ideas

Record Label Name Ideas

If you adore the above-mentioned quote and planning to start your very own Record Label Company, you must be looking for the best and the most creative record label name.

And so, we understand that you need a strategy to frame to ensure that the record label name you choose shouldn’t be just a name but showcase the core value of Record Label Name Company.

Considering the same, we are here to suggest the best strategies that will help you answer how to come up with a record label name along with the list of cool, best record label names.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Name Fame Game!

As mentioned earlier, a strategy is what you need to ensure the sure-shot selection of your recording studio names.

And so, to begin with, lets know:

How To Name A Record Label?

A record label is known as the record company or brand or trademark. Generally, the fame is known by its name. So, you need to pay close attention to the name. No matter how many names there are, only a few names will stand out in people’s minds.

Below are some MUST HAVE GUIDELINES on naming a record label:

  • The name should be short and sweet and easily pronounced.
  • The brand name should be memorable, and it should communicate the value of your
  • brand.
  • Choose a unique name that let the audience know, ‘what’s in it for them’
  • Play with attractive words.
  • The name should have positive essence.
  • Get feedback about your name from those who are experienced in that field.

Hope the baselines mentioned above to finally understand the needs of your name has helped you well.

But with that, here is a music to ears!

Once you are good with what you exactly need, you don’t have to go pick words for dictionary that comes in relation with your business, but there are many great record labels name generator available online that can do the job in jiffy for you!

Furthermore, to make it even easier for you, here we are with the fresh list of cool, best names that can bring you near to your name selection goal:

Ideas ShoutWorld RecordsName TonicRecord Allied
Label MassDistrict RecordsRecordsyIdeas Inside
Label FeedMidnight RecordsRecord MusicStream
Record DuoCountry RoadLabel LiftApex
Record ToneMix TapeTrustName Vibration
Name LoopMusic Mastery UnlimitedIdeasvioName Sharp
Record StrumGuitar ManLabeloontVinyl
Name TideSoundtrack ProductionsName WisdomFusion
Ideas MachineLil Ditty RecordsTheoryRecord More
BoomDouble Rock ProductionIdeas AltoName Strum
Name AwareBlue Town SyndicateLabelprismRecord Trust
Name InsideThird Dimension RecordsLabelluxLabel Rate
AltoAcoustic MusicLabel ClickIdeas Ride
FosterHarmonized RecordsName LimitlessLabel Rise
NamedoPolygon RecordsIdeas SynthIdeasbes
Label PublishDisc-Over RecordsNameoozeName Ark
NameyaRed Zone EntertainmentRecordgenicsLabel Tenor
Label DimeSelf-Inflicted GrooveRecordarcBeats
Ideas FusionSignature TracksRadiusIdeas Ghost
RecordbeaClick to check domain availability.Lucky RecordName PopRecord Chief
Label RhythmDaily sound doseName FretLabel Core
TempoBlackjack MusicIdeas AlliedLabel Trident
Name RuckusSoundtrack StackRecord RadiantIdeas Trap
More Music RecordsMusic Lab StudioName CoreName Click
Ideas GeniusRoyaltracks StudioBroadcastLabel Clef

Have you made your choice?

Well, no fret, we have got your back!

But before that here is the Point to Remember!
Be aware of copyright and trademark certificate. Ensure, record label names not used!

Now, let get some more strategies in place!

How to Create A Record Label Name?

How to Create A Record Label Name?
How to Create A Record Label Name?

As mentioned, the name should be reflection of your core business, the record label business has got the real benefit.
Record Label Company follow a pattern and theme.
Well, you can try Coke Studio, the word ’coke’ it has got no direct reflection of music industry but the overall them they follow of creation of music studio made the name successful.

Hence, what do we learn for best names selection?

Points To Consider For Best Record Company Name Selection

The theme matters.
It doesn’t have to be meaningful name, yet attractive and should follow the core of your record label company motto.
Associated words can also do the wonders like ‘studio’, productions, records tracks, etc.

Hope it has given a way of bringing all thoughts in one direction while selecting the best name.

So, why not select some, right away! Check some more!

CeramicHymn RecordsLabel RockName Beats
VoxImpluse Music LabRecord RewindLabel Modus
Record PhantomRock and Roll RecordsSparkLabel Praise
LabeljetMidnight RecordsRecord FlightRecord Lift
Name FlowSwing time MusicIdeas ShareName Pickup
Ideas StepSpringer Opera HouseName MoreRecord Axe
Ideas BlackoutCorner Stone CuesPolyName Dream
Ideas ApexSummer Aria RecordingRecord LimeIdeas Mass
AssureAthenaeum TheatreRecord InsightRecord United
LabelporiumDrumbeat MusicRecord DigiRecord Verse
Label PlayNoise AddictsRockyName Ceramic
NamegenixFolks Love MusicIdeas RecklessTribe
RecordsioSpot On RecordsIdeas ClefRecord Tempo
Name StormAlloy MusicHonorLabel Vibration
RecordazaMusic MachineryName RockyRecord Bold
Record NocturneBelt RecordArrowheadOutlet
IdeasellaDiscovery MusicName DigiRecord Groove
IdeasifyMusic MonstersLabel MovementRecord Project
Record BroadcastHit FactoryLabel DisclosureRecord Sage
Label ScribeTurnt Up MusicRecord ReduxLabel Songbird
Label OutletRecord TapName DistortionName Scale
OutletIdeas ChangeIdeas DivideRecord Loud
Name StepTenorRecord ScalePush
Name BeatIdeas PitchRockyIdeas Flow
Ideas ReduxModusLabel TempoLimitless


It is rightly said, ‘learn from others’ experience’, it will save your time to reach to success’.


If yes, keep reading because we are taking you on the quick knowledge tour so you can get more ideas for the best name ideas of your Record Label Company:

What are the four major record labels?

There are various record labels in this world, but only four companies are at the top. All these are very ancient and very popular among the people.
They are,

Label CanonIdeas VibrationLabel HorizonRecord Big
Record FusionLabel WaveLabel OutletLabel Sound
Label GrooveRecord MovementRecord DimeLabel Tonic
Ideas CountRecord ScribeLabel LineIdeas United
Name MeasureName ShotgunIdeas WaveyLabel Poly
Ideas CloudIdeas RaveName MasteredLabel Share
Label MassIdeas RockRecord DeepRecord Tide
Ideas SplitName RoundRecord RiseIdeas Change
Name BluesName PowerLabel CanaryRecord Union
Ideas SparkRecord ModusRecord VibrationIdeas Key
Ideas LargoName ArrowheadIdeas CeramicIdeas Amp
Name AmpLabel TriadRecord MixIdeas Vex
Name MadeRecord HorizonRecord ChorusIdeas Voice
Ideas VerseRecord UnitedName ShareName Big
Name DanceRecord ElectricName HonorIdeas Blues
Record GeniusName RhythmRecord TimbreLabel Reckless
Ideas AssemblyName AwareRecord StepName Strum
Record LimeLabel TapIdeas TriadIdeas Inside
Name ChampionLabel SharpIdeas StreamName Editor
Name VerseName PublishIdeas FlowRecord How
Ideas TrillLabel WaveyIdeas RecklessIdeas Time
Ideas MoveIdeas NoteRecord TenorIdeas Scribe
Label BlankIdeas MixedLabel ChamberName Change
Record DisclosureIdeas DanceRecord RaveIdeas Rock
Record CodaName PushIdeas LightIdeas Stance

1.Sony Music Entertainment

It is known as ‘Sony Music’. It is an American global Music entertainment company. It was originally found in 1929 as the name of “American Record Corporation”.

2.Universal Music Group

Universal Music group is commonly abbreviated as UMG. It is a worldwide Entertainment Corporation. UMG Corporate Headquarters are located in Hilversum (Netherlands) and California(America). It originated in September 1934.

3.Warner Music group corporation

It is known as WMG in short. It is an American multinational corporation. It perfectly located in New York City (America). After Universal and Sony music, this company is the third-largest music company. It was founded by Jack L. Warner.

EMI group EMI Music Company is originally created in 1956, but it was launched in January 1973 as EMI Records Ltd.
It is a British company.

Later the label was launched worldwide. It has a branch in India. In India, it is called “EMI Records India” and is run by the director Mohit Suri.

What is the most famous record label?

What is the most famous record label
What is the most famous record label
Record SurgeNovelName PickupRecord Major
Record BluesRecord BassIdeas LiftLabel Stream
ClefName LiftIdeas ApexLabel Edition
Name AccentName BeatsBlackoutLabel Allied
Label MovementRollLabel DimeIdeas Point
Label SonicLabel CrowdHeartIdeas Wavey
Ideas GraveLabel RawHordeName Capital
Name BigName ReduxDropPickup
Name VoiceLabel MajorIdeas ArkLabel Redux
Record MasteredRecord SplitLabel BoldIdeas Pickup
Ideas SurgeIdeas LightRideName Ghost
Label TenorName ScaleRecord StanceRecord Vox
Ideas MoveLabel ReduxName TheoryIdeas Boom
Label StormIdeas LiftAccentElevate
Ideas TimeName KeyRecord OutletIdeas Capital
Label FeedRecord DareRecord TriadName Flight
Ideas SharpRecord BeatsLabel ShareName Trident
RiseRecord EchoLabel SurgeLabel Fret
Label BlackoutLabel RawName InsideIdeas Cloud
Label SpotlightName DuoName MeasureLabel Vinyl
Record ModusLabel HorizonRecord RewindName Heart
Label StanceLabel DanceName TideName Round
Record LargoLabel SparkLabel SplitLabel Change
Name InspireLabel VampName CannonRecord Storm
Label ModusLabel PolyRecord ArkRecord Radiant

Columbia is the oldest record label, it founded in 18th century. But the name “Universal Music Group” is most famous and favourite record label.

The name “Universal” stays deep in people’s heart. Lucian Grainger is the CEO of this company.

How this company become so popular? This question will come to our mind.

Because, they have greatest artists in their company, and it is most recognizable and biggest company. They also provide publishing, Merchandising services, Music recorded.

Well, you must be wondering, how this description can benefit you in selecting the coolest name?

If you observe the name and functioning of these companies, you will understand how a name reflects the idea of the business and hence in return compel customers to understand them even more.

Name Becomes The Brand

So, with that, let us share some more interesting record label names that could match up well your company motto!

Label PopRecord DropCrowdLabel Pulse
ScribeIdeas MixIdeas LimitlessRecord Clef
Record WiseLabel EchoDistortionRecord Pop
Name TribeElixirIdeas BigName Ark
Name CymbalName DivideRhythmName Project
ChiefPublishIdeas PublishRecord Trill
Record TideVerseIdeas ClefRecord Stream
Name ChorusRecord RaveName RaveLabel Measure
Ideas RoundRecord RecklessRecord MassLabel Legion
Record PickupIdeas OutletName HookNote
TempoIdeas DreamLabel SirenName Union
Name SageRecord DreamIdeas CoreTrill
EditionName RuckusLabel HowName Spotlight
DanceName RiseRecord ChangeName Horde
Ideas WaveRecord PlugRecord TuneIdeas Capital
Record CloudRecord ElectricIdeas RaveRecord Vox
FeedRecord ToneIdeas PointLabel Inside
Ideas ChorusName PointRecord SongbirdLabel Count
Record EchoBangIdeas VampRecord Tide
Name DiscoverIdeas DuoRecord LimitlessRecord Capital
Record TenorRecord InspireName OutletBroadcast
Label MoreName RecordsIdeas MoveName Power
Record BlackoutLabel StepName NoteIdeas Trust
Label TonicPlayCapitalLabel Rhythm
Name HypeVinylIdeas HonorHype

To Summarize

Naming the record label company is matter of being rhythmic with your business plans. The Best selection of the name can be done once you thorough with your action plans. Because the name is a matter of Fame!

So, Choose BEST and Let Your Customers Make it a BRAND.

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