Opening a sportswear shop and hunting for an influencing name? Well, you have got your hands over the right article! You will surely get satisfied with the sportswear store names we will provide!

In this era of fitness, no doubt sports-based shops have a very bright future! With a variety of sports globally, there are loads of opportunities facing your store! 

Therefore, you need to make sure that you do your bit by selecting a perfect name for your store. Worried how? We are here for that!

This article will give you a complete guide over sports store names, whether it’s sportswear or sporting goods! 

So get ready to witness some really catchy sports names which could result at the end of your hunt!


With the increasing obsession with the gym, there has been increasing demand for sportswear. Hence, with a lot of businesses running in the market, you need to outshine them. As a kickstart, start with naming your shop something out of the box. Here are some tips:

  1. Sportswear is in trend and will continue to remain so! So you can add trend-related adjectives to your name!
  2. Ever thought of combining fashion with sports? 

Well, you might as a youth prefer sportswear that is up to all the fashion icons. So you can come up with a mixed name involving both fashion and fitness.

  1. Despite the style, what matters in fitness clothes is their material and comfort level, hence you can name your store based on these pointers too.

These tips will forever remove the question of What should I name my sportswear business? These tips will ensure that your name shines ahead of all others! Have a look at some good sportswear store names from this table.


Champion SportsSport Outloud Clothinge Jersey LineWhiteduck
Sport clothCosmic sportsSport ReportDeveloped Sporting
SportiveStrategic SportingThorough ThreadsSoccer USA
Acorn SportswearThe SidelinesDoubleSpire SportsBelt highway
Sportswear PremierFitwears CompanySport Vibes ApparelThe Football Geek
First Place Active WearFor The SportChamps WearsSkate Corner
ChampionwearFastrac BusinessFrankFill’s SportsBox box Business
ConquestivitySportingCastleWildyMountainEmma Bland
SportenvyThe Sport BoxGoodSports GoodsGreat Trails Sport Goods
ContemposportsRetro SkatingBottle GoodThrillBay Sport Goods
VitasportsEnhanced GoodNorthQuest SportsThe Quick Box
Sportswear IndustriesNamadri CompanySwing High ClothingSport stuff
KinesosportsCopper bustProfessional SportingParagon Sports
Sportswear StudioPilgrim Athlete2 stormSports Pitch
Tiger SportswearLife of GamersFight Club ApparelEliteMove Goods
Ace SportswearSport storyBrunox SportsSplash Box
EnvieDorreess ShopGang VibesSuper Sportswear
Select SportswearPure Play GoodsTweggo GoodsBlueCrew Sport Goods
The Active CompanySharp ShotMountain TriumphRockSolid Sport Goods
Classic SportsSportoSenseWestwood SportsGrey Essense

Take these samples as an inspiration for how you want your name to look! 

Now, what about if you want to have a sporting goods store? Let’s get right into it!


You must be pretty aware of how sports and fitness are on top of everyone’s mind nowadays. Hence, opening up a sporting goods store is a huge responsibility on its own! From having a fancy name to having a full stock of sports-related equipment, all needs to be done! We can surely help in fixing that name problem with these tricks:

  1. If you plan on selling particular sport-related items, then name them accordingly. You can choose a fun name relating to that sport.
  2. Sports is all about activeness and gearing up! So, you can choose a name that motivates the player to play and get rid of all that laziness. It should make them energetic and fresh.
  3. If you want to be simple and have a store on a small level, you may keep it simple and give it a general name that reflects your store sells sports goods.

When you think of your store name next time, do make use of these tips as it would be a great help! Here we have collected some creative names for a sporting goods store that you might like.


Boy voyageSports StyleStreamer ActivitiesImmense Sports
SportingorzoContestedEngine SportingWinner’S Circle Clothing
MotinyStructure GoodFast MoversLinen Sporting
GamingGliderSportMotiva SportsEssenTrack Sport GoodsGame Of Greats
Hustle HouseGoodado CompanyHellixer BusinessDICK’S Sporting Goods
Motion GoodScottish ProLiboFly GoodsHyper clax
QuestNeonCity SportsCheetahcontrolModell’s Sporting Goods
Ghetto playUltimate FanclubReef DivingSportswear Season
Sporting GameWizard TowerMy Favorite Sports StoreNorth Edge
Swinging GirlsRedForce SportsFor The GameFair Is Fair
NamopediaPastime ClothingScoreboard ClothingThe Eastern Vibes
Motion StoneSports Center the USAHurdles and HoopsHappy Jeane
Gerry Cosby & Co.Halftime Harry’sEliteWavesCustomStix
Jasper SportSporting SolutionsCircle ShopOrbin Sports
Finishline ClothingsFLonex Sport GoodsGame Day ApparelFan Fun Apparel
SportQuest SportsUnite SportsSportSpiritBarrel Surfing
EthenBerry GoodsThe Running BoyRapid SportSummit Sporting
GrandMark Sport GoodsVital SportingGood FootUnite Sporting
SurfclothingsAnalytics SportingSerious SportswearGoodMove Sports
Sports GeeksFunlingThe Sporty OnesAstroAspire

This list of sporting stores would reduce your burden so much! These examples would be a great start to think of many more name ideas according to your choices. 

Well, to expand the business, people have opened up online stores too! Let’s learn how they can benefit from this article!


sports Instagram names

In this fast-paced world, to have increased sales and a successful business, it’s very important to have an online business set up! Looks like you have made the best decision by thinking of opening up an online sports shop. Since most of your dealings would be on Instagram, you need a good sporty Insta-friendly name. 

Let’s see how to think of one!

  1. Most of your audience on Instagram would include youngsters. Hence, you can use a short and motivational sport-related quote as your name that gives a positive vibe. This quote should encourage these young champs to win and strive towards excellence.
  2. Your targeted audience includes players and sports lovers. Hence, you can try to name your online sports store name after your audience only. You can characterize them like champs, champions, unbeaten, etc!
  3. Since it’s an online Instagram-based business, authenticity matters a lot to gain your customer’s trust. Hence, not only in your products but also try to select a name that reflects the originality of your services.

All this might sound overwhelming, but don’t worry you will understand what is expected out of you by looking at all these sample sports Instagram names.


NorthSUrf Sport GoodsGoodgenixSport RebelsNext magic
Epic EclipseFrontline ClothingEastern Mountain SportsWilleyBrook
Ethen BerryJoySticksRight Hook BoxingOmega Sporting
Vice GoodAnchorWay SportsIce BladdersGoodFoot
Blue SkySpike Fast GoodsPlayGlider SportsFlemben Sports
Double EdgeSportBracketJasper SportSassySports
FunSplitz SportsYouMotion SportsMasterscapeAdvantage Good
Winners WearFashion ChangersFrank’s Sports ShopNeondex Sports
River MovesGameTitans SportsUrbanSwingSprintBerry Sports
Best Soccer Buys Sporting GoodsWiseman’s SportFancy sportsXcitePlay
Source GoodReady To WinHexaThread GoodsAquawears
UrbanStar GoodsForum SportingLaunch SportingCassaSport
The Real Game ClothingFistfirstFaskicksSideline Sports
GoodzoidModell’s Sporting GoodsPlay FastRedLovin Sports
Cycling MastersThe Green ZoneOptivva GoodsSportspot
Gaming LegendsSports FeverGoodbiaCommon Sports
Spectron SportsTrinity SportsCombat TechUrban Star
GameGlazeAlphaDreamSportofistaCheck Good
NexwearsCool BikersPixel SportingWe Know Sports
Fans Favorite Fans ClothingAbesporting’SMightRightChamber Boys

These cool names wouldn’t let you down! Analyze these and then brainstorm how you want your store name to look and you will get a lot more clarity!

Despite these stores, many dreams of setting up sports facilities or even sports complexes too! So, let’s see what we have in the inbox for them!


So you have been searching for some perfect sports facility names but haven’t selected one yet? Deciding on a name for a sports complex or facility is a whole another task and requires apt techniques and caution. A good name would change the entire future associated with your company! So let’s see how you can have an impactful name!

  1. There are so many sports idols all over the world! You can totally go after naming your facility in honor of those idols. This would gain you an emotional appeal to attract more people to your complex.
  2. If you have seen, mostly local sports shop names in India are after their surnames, you can modify that to naming it after the sponsors of your sports complex.
  3.  If you have a partner who is also involved you can have both your names in your complex name.
  4. One can also use Hindi words or any other preferred language for sports and motivation in the name to make your sports facility sound more welcoming to all.

Before freezing on to a particular name, do check if these tips apply to them or not. Check out these sports complex names that might be useful to you.


The New Team ApparelSportingableGameMotionsCycloclothings
Game of GangsBasket Ball ExpertsChasing FameJOyFul Sports
NonstopZoneLove Of SportPureplay GoodsThe Hookup Apparel
Peak Sports USAEmpire Sports WearCompeting SidesThe Last Team Apparel
Field Lessons SportswearClassic RawSportswear UnlimitedCloverbyte
Super DancersCacada CompanySprintcave ShopWestEagle
Life’S CompanyVitalwearsThe Playing MastersPlay Master
Tiny AdventuresSport LegendsMarne ShopBasket Up
Movex SportsMidLand PlayThe Mind of PlayersAlertWolf Sports
Hot turtleMountennaSportingdeckSport Spot
Masses SportsSports DiscoveryPlay FairImmersive Sporting
GravitywearsMotionStoneGamawearsInstaMove Sports
Heist 1stSport EthicsTrophy & WearsRiverMoves
NamopsHiking packNorthEdgeGameBrothers
Touchdown ApparelsEstate SportingProton sportLaunch Sports
Tropic EdgeEmerland Sport GoodsGymwearsEasy Basket Ball
Sports Girls ApparelSport CastleBeat The CompetitionSpikeFast Goods
FunZip SportsTonixwearsField FansThe Amazing Gamers
JazzPlay GoodsGame Of LifePro Fight StoreEastbay Performance Zone
UptownSportsSportingbesThe Beauty KillersAction Apparel

If you don’t feel like choosing from these names, then you can also trust the sports company names generator that is available online. These would provide you with hundreds of sports facility names in view of your preference. You would get results in seconds and all work left for you is to then pick any one of them! 

These generators can prove very beneficial if you are looking for indoor sports facility names as in that case, more thought would be required.

What should I name my sports brand?

So, now it’s safe to say that you know the right tips and techniques to search for a sports name!


1. How to start a sporting goods store?

If you are serious about this decision, start with making a business plan including products you want to keep, target market, budget. Then decide on a good name and then proceed towards legal systems involving opening a shop. The last thing left is to form your brand, define and spread the message to have your brand some social reputation.

2. What should I name my sports brand?

Your brand name is like the soul of your store that carries forward its reputation, hence brand name matters a lot! One of the cool sports brand name ideas include not being professional enough! Yes, sounds weird but today’s youth is more into funky and cool brands. Hence, try to catch up on a quirky brand name.

3. What makes a sportswear name best?

If you want to be one of the best like Nike, Adidas, Puma, having a good name is superior but other things also need to be kept in mind like clothing quality, customer satisfaction, ads and promotions, and good business strategies. You need to have a good hold on all these!

4. Are sporting goods stores profitable?

It’s a good option to make a profit. Probably because recently, people have started to recognize what fitness is and why it’s important. Therefore automatically demand for such stores has increased! Also, sports items are mostly sold in bulk, so there is always a chance of obtaining some profit with even small margins.

5. How can I make my sports store famous?

If you think you are going to make wonders in a single night, then you are wrong. Have patience and work on the feedback you get from your customers. Give ads on television and radio. Have your own sports website to represent your business online too or go for opening an eBay store! All these baby steps would pave the way to being the best and famous store out there.


To summarise, after reading this entire article, it’s sure that naming your sports store has never been this easy. Now you know how an impactful name matters in this competitive world. So, what are you waiting for?

All the tips are right in front of you. Now it’s totally up to how you learn and apply them and reach upon a name! Hope this article helps fulfill your purpose.

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